Purple Glitter Pt.1

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Lucy's POV

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Lucy's POV

The monster's grip steadily tightened, restricting my breathing and making me feel ill. My eyes watered with tears and skin glittered with sweat, I thought I might die. I could feel bruises forming on my arms and slight cuts in the skin from the pressure.

I tried with all my might to steady my breathing if I could make last, then I had a better chance of surviving. That was my thought process anyway, it was a lot easier said than done. 

I didn't notice the person next to me at first, I only did when I saw their body come into view, and even then it took me a while. I was too busy trying to breathe.

When I did eventually notice that someone was next to me, they had already cast a spell, muttering the words under their breath, so whisper-like that it seemed inaudible. I had no idea who this person was at first, my watery-eyes not yet registering the fact that I knew this person. That the person who appeared last minute before me was someone who I held very dear to me. 

What first gave it away was the first touch of gentle fur, of golden colour, gently tickling my face. The second clue was the fact that I saw her face, close to mine. Third, was the gentle touch of her hand, brought close to dry the tears from my eyes, letting me see clearly again, and fourth, fourth was her smile, pleasant and calm despite the situation facing her. 

Tsukiko stood before me, her back to the beast on which she targeted her spell, uttering words while calming my sore being. 

"Hey, Lucy. Thank for looking after the flowers for me, I really appreciate it, but now it's my time to look after you for a bit. You see, I put my life force into thought flowers, so when the last petal drops, I'll die. I couldn't ask for anyone nicer to look after me within my possible last days. I'm sorry that you have to watch me die slowly. I'm trying to finish what I have to in the time limit I set, and I'm fighting with all I have to get it done." she still smiled at me, her wide eyes showing happiness and worry, but not for herself, for me. When she told me about the 'time limit' I felt my heart stop, she was killing herself. It was a twisted way of getting what she had to do done, in the quickest time possible. She knew what she was doing when she cast whatever sick spell she cast.

When my tears were dry, Tsukiko turned back to the beast, she called out the monster, daring it to fight her, not me or Natsu, or anyone on the ground. 

"I see they sent you as the first one, send my grand regards when you get sent back, daemon!" the fierceness in her voice seemed unlike her. It radiated mass destruction and an abundance of scorn. It echoed around the area and the outright hatred seemed to enrage the 'daemon' even more. Tsukiko just smiled at that factor.

"So you finally show yourself, weakling. You couldn't defeat me even if the gods were on your side! You have a stupid power, and I never really understood why you were blessed with the opportunity you was, so I just have to crush you like the pup you are!" the beast roared back, it's mouth moving in horrendous ways, it's mouth stretched across the length of its skinless face, snarling and showing off its numerous pointed teeth. The nightmarish monster had one, singular eye, it glowed a bright red in the darkening light, like a beacon. Drawing people in, only to catch them in its trap, when caught, they would be slashed by the nightmares teeth, resulting in instant death. 

Tsukiko laughed at the beast before moving her left foot back slightly, and with bent knees, she readied her hands behind her. 

"You see the thing is NuckelaveeI, I know you are only one of the weaker minions they have for me to fight. I've done my research, I know at which place you stand in the Daemon hierarchy, and I know at which place I stand in my hierarchy. Although we are on different levels, you are still only a few places above me, even after leaving, I still have all my power." she smirked, showing absolutely no fear to the beast before her, in fact, she decided to show amusement in the beast was of trying to belittle her. 

As the monster got angrier and angrier with Tsukiko, I felt that I would pass out, but what I didn't realise was that Tsukiko had been talking to the beat for a reason, she was distracting him so she could free me. 

When she dried my tears she called for Aquarius to reside below me. After a while I started to notice a burning smell, I didn't quite get what was burning though? 

"Also, Nuckelavee, you seem to forget that I know what you hate, kelp right?" Tsukiko's smirk grew even more and the beast shrivelled in disgust at the sudden smell of the kelp being burnt below me.

Tsukiko put mass amounts of pressure into her foot, so much so, that I could feel it in the beast's hand. With the loosened grip from the smell of kelp and Tsukikos help, I was free falling to the ground within a matter of minutes. The beast struck out to grab me but something held it back. Tsukiko had moved to the ground below me before I could even tell what was going on, as I came closer and closer she used her tails to spring her up into the air, grabbing me as she came back down. When she landed she pushed me behind her and then used her magic to push me back to Natsu and the others. 

"I need you guys to stay behind me, at all times, no matter what is happening, promise you'll stay there. It's for your own safety." her voice was strong and demanding, much more so than Erza's. 

Grey pushed past me to get to her but was stopped before he moved another step.

"Grey, promise me you will not move from that spot, even if I have a possibility of dying. If any of you tried to fight this monster, no one would survive, even together you would all die. I need to do this alone." her voice broke when she said that she could die, showing just even for a second, how scared she was of this being. Grey tried to protest but refused after he heard the crack in her voice, knowing only now that she was serious.

"If I do end up dying, I need you all to run, leave my body where I lay. I can't let you guys die as well, stay well behind me, and well alert." Tsukiko turned her head just in time to see Erza nod, giving her the view that she understood what had to be done.

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