Chapter 2

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Tara Pov

" Wake up "

" Wake up girl. You dont have much time. Wake up" someone was shaking me but I didnt want to wake up.

"Please 5 min. more."I said in my sleepy voice. But guess my reply was not liked by the one who was shaking me because in the next moment I got a hard strike on my back. I jumped up from my sleep and sat straight only to find Sheela aunty glaring daggers at me.

" Who will do household chores ?" she shouted making me flinch.

I quickly moved from my sitting position and stood straight. My heart was started pounding at the horrifying site of dayan  in front of me. Yup ! Sheela aunty is dayan. I hate her but moreover I dread her too.

" I'm sorry. I will start doing my chores this instant". with that i ran away in the direction towards the kitchen.

After few hours

I was done with my chores and now I was just pouring the dal in the bowl to eat. Anita di  prepared the food for the whole orphanage. It was her duty but as I was late I was only having the leftover food, i.e, only dal and some limited quantity of rice which was not enough for me. Veggie and chapati was long finished and hence I have only this.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING !?!?" I shrieked when the bowl and the plate filled with rice slipped from my hands after I heard that dayan's voice. I looked in her direction but what I saw was making me wished I shouldnt see.

Her eyes were red in anger and her fists were clenched.

She looked murderous.

But blood drained from my face when I saw the  leather whip on her hand which was fisting in one hand.

Oh no ! she would beat me again.

" YOU GIRL!! HOW DARE YOU !?!?" She yelled.

"YOU STOLE MY JEWELLERY. MY PRECIOUS NECKLACE WHICH  WAS WORTH 20 LACS. GIVE ME MY NECKLACE BACK GIRL OR CONSEQUENCES WILL BE DIRE."she screamed with such high pitched voice that i knew for sure every single person living in this orphanage would have heard her.

" I didnt steal anything. What do you mean aunty? " I stated in my timid voice but all I get was her eyes glaring daggers at me.

She walked towards me with anger in her eyes and grabbed my wrist in a tight grip, then dragged me towards the main hall. My heart was pounding in my chest and sweat formed on my forehead. Her grip tightened suddenly making me cried out in pain.

"LEAVE MY HAND. YOU ARE HURTING ME. LEA-LEAVE MY HAND" I cried out loudly but dayan is dayan. She didnt listened me and tightened her hold more if possible.

Tears flowed from my eyes because of pain from the tight hold and with scenarios flooding in my mind of what would she do to me. She whipped me yesterday night and was again going to do the same. I started struggling in her hold when we reached the main hall. As expected all were gathered in the hall to watch the show this dayan intended to make.

She suddenly threw me on the floor. I looked at her and started crying and begging her to believe me I didnt do anything.
"please lea-leave me. Lea-leave me. I did-didnt do any thing. Leav-leave me." I begged to her but all i saw was evilness in her  eyes.

"SHUT UP GIRL!! INSPITE OF ALL DOING YOU DARE TO BEG ME. NO MERCY WILL BE SHOWN TO YOU. NOW SEE WHAT I WILL DO TO YOU. LAST NIGHT PUNISHMENT WASN'T ENOUGH FOR YOU BUT NOW I WILL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER DARE TO STEAL  AGAIN." She yelled looking at me with eyes filled with fury. Then she looked towards the other members of this orphanage glaring daggers at everyone.

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