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"Stefan, fancy meeting you again," Nik greeted him with a smirk on his face. His arm wrapped around my shoulders as he pulled me closer to him.

"She's off limits, Klaus. So, I suggest you hand the girl over," He demanded, narrowing his eyes at us.

"Is she now?" Rebekah butted in, "Then why'd you let your mangy girlfriend off of her leash and torture this poor, innocent girl?"

"None of my business," Stefan stated, raising his hands in defeat, "But, I was told to keep her out of the Mikaelson's reach. So, hand me the girl and we'll get out of your way,"

"Or...," Kol started as he sped over to Stefan and snapped his neck with a flick of his wrist. My eyes widened at his actions and I pulled myself closer to Nik, gripping his body tightly. I buried my head on his chest, afraid of what's to happen next.

"With the way she's reacting, I'm assuming she has no idea of what we are," Rebekah stated.

"She's scared out of her mind," Kol said as he noticed my actions.

"Let's get you some rest, Sweetheart. I assume you've had a long day," Nik muttered into my ear. A growl sounded through the shadows and I looked up to see what it was. Rebekah and Kol surrounded me as Nik tightened his hold.

Then and there, Tyler emerged with fangs protruding from his mouth and his eyes shining gold. He was running towards us with immeasurable speed and I screamed in fright. I felt Nik let go and kicked Tyler into a tree. I fell down on the ground, feeling defeated and exhausted. My emotions were all over the place. I should be scared of them yet they were saving me.

Nik gripped Tyler by the throat and muttered a few words before he snapped his neck and dusted off his hands. The three turned their attention to me and Rebekah crouched down to my level.

"We promise we won't hurt you. But, you need to come with us. You look like a wreck, darling," She stood up and held out her hand for me to take. I didn't think twice as I grabbed her hand and, before I knew it, we were inside some kind of huge mansion.

"W-what....h-how...I-I'm so confused," I stuttered. Finally, all the events that happened today came crashing down. I looked at them in fear and gratefulness at the same time. Kol appeared from behind me and forced me down on the couch.

"We'll explain everything, darling. For now," He handed me a cup with red liquid inside, "You drink up and explain everything to us,"

"W-what is this?" I asked, gesturing to the cup.

"It's vampire blood, dear. It's what we are," Rebekah answered as she sat on the couch across from me, "It heals your wounds in seconds. And, by the looks of it, those won't heal for at least a month,"

"B-bu...what? Vampires?" I nervously chuckled as Nik sat beside me. He looked into my eyes and in them held empathy.

"Just drink it, sweetheart," Nik stated, "Better not leave scars on that pretty face,"

I did as he said and I almost gagged at the taste. They weren't kidding when they said it was blood but what caught my attention was my bruises disappearing, there's no stinging pain on my face and my wrist did not feel broken at all.

"What the heck did just happen?" I exclaimed. 

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