chapter 3

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Tara pov


I woke up from my slumber when I heard a loud sound more like shouting. Arghh now who is that. Why people dont like me taking some rest?? I thought feeling groggy.

I slowly opened my eyes, moving my palms over my eyes to remove sleep, only to come face to face with a handsome man who was kneeling beside me looking straight in my eyes under the bed. But his jaw was clenched and eyes narrowed. He looked angry.


His eyes looked murderous.

But I was confused.
Who is he?
Is he a prince like Vimla masi told me about? I was confused. Who is he? A prince who comes to save a princess. A prince who lives in a big mansion in a big room with luxuries. Vimla masi's line ranged up in my mind when at one time she gave me her best bed time stories about prince and princess and I instantly realised he is the prince of this mansion. Thanks to Vimla masi.

I smiled looking at him but that smile faded away when my gaze again met with him, only that now he looked beyond furious.

Oh god!! I am gone now !!

Abhinay Pov

"WHAT THE HELL !!" I shouted looking at this intruder who was sleeping peacefully under the bed.

What the hell is she doing under my bed? Who is she? How did she managed to enter my room? But first, How did she managed to cross the gates of my mansion?

Questions kept flowing in my mind thinking how did she managed to break the securities around my mansion.

Who is she?
Is she a spy?

Anger flowed through my veins making my jaws clenched looking at this intruder. She opened her eyes slowly and rubbed her palms over her eyes to remove sleep. She looked adorable. Oh seriously? she is an intruder for god's sake. She could be a spy.

I looked at her closely, observing her form. She was beautiful, beauty which is undescribable, with plump limps, small cute nose, chubby cheeks with her big doe eyes. An unknown sparkle in her beautiful eyes shining with innocence. No care about where is she and with whom she is right now.

When she met my gaze after rubbing her eyes, she looked shocked, confused and then looked like she realised something. She smiled to me. Though her smile was beautiful but the questions were erupting in my mind? How the fuck did she managed to enter my room and since when she was under my bed that I didnt realised until now?? These questions didnt help but made me more angry and more furious looking at this intruder. How can I not be? She just crossed my high security mansion gates....!!

I stretched my hands, grabbed her by her elbow and dragged her from under the bed. My grip might be painful because the next moment she screamed with pain. Now that beautiful smile was gone from her face and replaced by only one expression that I loved to see in my victims. Fear.

" Ah- ahhh--leave mee!! Ahhhh-leave me. You-you are hurt-hurting me. Leave me !!" She shouted but I was beyond furious. It was for the first time someone had cracked my securities. And above that someone is a girl was making me more furious. She is gonna die by my hands. How dare she intrude in my mansion !?!?

I dragged her towards the main hall of the mansion and shouted for my men and guards.

" EVERYONE COME THIS INSTANT. FOLLOW ME TO THE MAIN HALL." I shouted as loud as I could as I walked around the corriders, glaring and ordering my guards and men who were present at the moment, with a scared expression over their faces.

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