Chapter Twelve

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Everyone rises for me as I walk down the aisle. Beautiful strums of a piano fill the air and red, pink, and white roses decorate the church. My dress hugs my body as my heels silently click against the floor. On my arm is Nate, my father, who is smiling down at me waiting to give me away.

I look to the end and see his handsome green eyes filled with tears. His golden-brown hair is gelled back but still looks amazing. My dad and I finally get to the end of the aisle and he kisses my cheek gently.

"Take care of my baby girl, Spencer," my dad says in a deep voice.

"Always I will." Spencer smiles at me and takes my hand.

Together we face the priest and he begins speaking. "Friends, we have gathered together in the sight of God to witness and bless the joining together of Brooklyn West and Spencer King. The marriage of Brooklyn and Spencer units the families and creates a union. We come today to bless that union," she pauses then continues. "If anyone has a reason why these two may not be wed please step forward."

A loud ruckus catches all our attention and directs it to the opposite end of the aisle. I stand there unable to move at the shock that sits in front of me. Why is Tori there?

"Brooklyn!" She shouts and something or someone shakes me.

I shoot out of my bed screaming. Tori has an innocent smile as she holds a small Starbucks cup.

"I heard coffee makes a good apology," she says cautiously almost as if she is testing the waters. "I am sorry and I know something was bugging you last night. What was it?"

"I don't know if it is something you want to hear," I hesitantly said.

"Come on. Just say it," she pushes.

"I think Grayson cheated on you. I mean my eyes could have been wrong, but I'm about ninety-five percent sure."

"What?" She says puzzled.

"It was a week ago and I had to pick up a very drunk Spencer. Before we pulled out I saw Grayson locking lips with another girl. I mean it could be someone else," I whisper.

Tori seems shocked but instead asks another question. So much for telling her the truth.

"Anyways, did you tell Spencer?" She asks.

"Tell Spencer what?" I question.

"About the baby."

I knew it would be sooner or later before I had to talk about this. I was hoping for later more than sooner. Now, I am not currently pregnant. It was about a year ago before Spencer left and I was throwing up all the time in the mornings and throughout the day.

It was very bad and Spencer tried to get me to go to the doctor. I did and that's when I learned I was pregnant with his baby. It was a shock really for me because I didn't know what my parents would say and on top of that Spencer's reactions. Would he be happy about starting a family a little earlier than planned or completely terrified and just run?

Now, I was going to tell him. The day I decided to tell him was a couple of weeks after I got back from the doctors. It was that rainy Saturday evening when Spencer left. I was going to have the conversation then my mom called and by the time I got back, he was gone.

A month after that, my mom died and with that went the spirit of my dad. It was almost like a switch went off in his head and he became abusive. It got so bad that I would sometimes go through my window to avoid him. I had nowhere to go since the college kicked us all out during summer vacation and I didn't have this house before.

Sadly, one day after a few kicks to the stomach I went and laid down. The next morning I woke up with blood-stained sheets and immediately knew my baby was gone. Since that day I haven't been able to talk about it to anyone, not even Liam. Which kills me, but anytime I think about it, I think about my son or daughter dead.

"I tried when we were at the beach, but I got to think of it more and I got scared," I say as a tear runs down my cheek.

A knock on the door pulls us from the conversation. Tori looks at me with sympathy as I wipe the tears away fast.

"The last time I opened that door Spencer decided to make a surprise visit. So, no thanks," she laughs.

I laugh back and head to answer the door. Spencer is smiling when I open it and it quickly fades.

"Have you been crying?" He asks.

"No, just got something in my eye," I laugh to try and make it sound believable.

"Well," Spencer starts. "I was hoping I can take you out for an early wedding present."

"Sure. What do I need to wear?"

"Something casual. I'll be waiting," Spencer says before walking off to his car.

"So, what was that about?" Tori questions when I enter my room.

"Spencer wants to take me out for a wedding present," I mumble before heading to my closet.

Casual. I guess that could mean jeans and a nice shirt so, I decide to wear ripped blue jeans and a nice cream sweater. To finish off the look I straighten my hair and add brown ankle boots that have a small heel.

"You look hot!" Tori exclaims.

"Thank you I'll see you later," I smile before leaving out the front door. Is it bad that I am looking forward to today?


Spencer and I sit in a booth at Cody's with water glasses in front of us. His legs cage mine under the table and it reminds me of Liam. All I can think about now is Liam. What would he think about me having lunch with Spencer? All he knows is Spencer is a friend, but not the history we share. Not the baby we shared...

The waiter comes back and breaks me from my thoughts. "Are you guys ready to order or do we need more time?"

"We will both have a double cheeseburger and fries," Spencer answers. He remembers what we would always get and my heart melts a little.

Our food is brought out shortly after the waiter rushes off.

"I haven't had one of these in forever," Spencer says and holds up the burger.

"I just saw you a couple of months ago here when I was with Liam. Did you not get this?" I laugh in shock.

"No, I just stopped in to have a meeting with the head of one of the hotels. That's when I was surprised to see you." He smiles.

We quickly finished up eating and Spencer pays the bill. I don't want to go home yet so we decide to walk the sidewalk. There just so happens to be a magazine that has Spencer's picture on it so, I decided to go up to it. On the cover, it reads Most Eligible Bachelor of New York. My mood drops just by reading three words.

"It's too bad I'm not interested in any other girls," Spencer whispers so lightly I barely heard it.

This is the first time I find myself letting Spencer erase the thoughts of Liam and all that is on my mind is Spencer, myself, and our history.

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