Chapter Nineteen

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The people are wearing black. Some are crying and some have a blank face. I, on the other hand, am still trying to believe this is real.

My father is dead.

He isn't here anymore.

It's as if this is a nightmare I will wake up from screaming. I don't understand why. Why does he have to be taken from us? From his family that loved him most.

On top of that, I feel angry. Angry at the hospital for saying he is fine. For giving us false hope. For lying about the future. And also anger towards the people who are at his funeral. Most of these people don't give a shit about my father. They just stuck by him like a leach to try and get money. Most of them never uttered a word to him. Some were ruthless business partners but, I know why they are here. They are here for the will read and to see where his belongings will go too. Along with those people are the cameras. News stations are everywhere with huge cameras that are in our faces just waiting for a reaction.

Then they turn towards the priest that was coming onto the stage. I hold my mother's hand as silent tears slide down her face.

"Today we are here to remember the life of Duane Robert King," he starts. "He was loved, cherished, and brought joy to all the people around him. Duane had a very successful career and even though business takes time from a family he still found time to be with his kids. His wife of thirty years stood by his side even when he took his last breath." My mom lets out a sob as he mentions their marriage.

The rest of his words are a blur as I stare off and think. I remember how he would play baseball with me. Then I remember the awkward time when he decided I was ready for the birds and the bees. That didn't last long as I ran out of the room with my fingers in my ears. My thoughts are brushed aside as the guy finishes talking and everyone stands. My mother is the first to walk with me behind her. She stops and cries for a moment.

"I wish I can take him home one last time," she whispers and I hug her.

"I know."

"He wished you ended up with Brooklyn. Every time I would come back he would ask if you guys got engaged yet. He liked that girl." She smiles faintly. I know he loved her. I practically didn't hear the end of when I was going to propose.

We begin to walk again. Now we are heading to the car that is to take us to our lawyer. There we will hear my father's will.


We are in a large room that is filled with others that were invited. I can't even concentrate on my father's lawyer with so many people staring. The grief is now gone from what I can see and that fuels me even more.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see my uncle, Elijah King. He is a horrible person and I don't even understand why he is here. Why the hell would my father invite him since he is the worst person? Plus, he never even cared about my father. All he cared about was King Enterprises

"Now we are here to distribute the will of Duane King. I have to ask if Elijah King and Brooklyn West is here," the lawyer says.

Why would Brooklyn need to be here?

Elijah raises his hand and he looks around. "There's no Brooklyn West. I don't believe," Elijah says.

I tense up as he says her name. Her name doesn't belong in his mouth.

"Okay, good to know. Now, the beach house in Malibu will be given to Duane's sister, Elliot King." The room erupts with different voices talking about the decision.

"The assets of Duane King will go to his child, Spencer King, and his wife, Michelle King. The land that is in South Carolina will go to his son, Tristian King, and the house in South Carolina will go to Tristan King," he pauses and takes a drink of water. "The beach house in South Carolina will go to Michelle King."

"Now finally King Enterprises. It will be divided fifty-fifty," he says.

"That can't be possible," Elijah stirs in his seat.

"It is. Brooklyn West will get fifty percent and Elijah King will get fifty percent."

My eyes widen at the mention of Brooklyn's name. She now has a company. The company I worked for. How is it possible that his son didn't get it? I mean I will be happy for her, but I thought he would give it to family.

Elijah gets up and storms out of the room leaving our family in shock at my father's decision.

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