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Zelda's phone vibrated on the nightstand next to her head.

Ugh! Why hadn't she remembered to put it on silent? She always remembered.

It buzzed again, and she opened one eye to glare at the offending device.

That's when she recalled why she'd left it on. Amory was in the hospital, and no one had come home last night.

Zelda bolted upright and snatched her phone off the nightstand. Two new notifications flashed on the lock screen. She pressed her finger against the sensor and squinted at the sudden brightness when her phone unlocked.

It was only two texts from Maddy. Nothing from her parents.

Zelda tapped on the notification to open it.

       Maddy: OMG YOU GUYS!!!

        Maddy: I have NEWS!!! Meet me in the courtyard before class!!!!

She dropped her phone and slumped back against her pillows with a groan. It was way too many capitals and exclamation points for her taste this early in the morning. What news could Maddy possibly have that warranted sending out a text at—

Zelda picked up her phone and checked the time. "5 AM? Ugh."

She dragged herself out of bed since there was no way she was falling back asleep now and got ready for school. Without Amory to slow her down, she was out the door in no time.

When she arrived in the courtyard, Harper was already there, looking as annoyed as she had felt when Maddy's texts had woken her up. Maddy, of course, was nowhere in sight.

Zelda plopped down on the bench next to Harper. "Any idea what this is about?"

"None." Harper clutched her travel mug of tea like it was a lifeline. "This had better be good and not something stupid like she picked what costume to wear for Halloween. I could have slept in."

Zelda swung her legs, scuffing her shoes on the concrete. "Two more minutes would have made a difference?"

"In my world, it does. I'm going to need extra caffeine today, and Maddy is going to buy it."

As though Harper's words had summoned her, Maddy appeared on the other side of the courtyard and waved frantically to them.

"Do you think she is on drugs or something?" Zelda asked as they watched their friend bounce along over the grass.

"Has to be," Harper mumbled. "What else could explain how awake she is right now? I wonder if she will share some with me?"

Zelda had meant it to be a joke, but Harper sounded serious.

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