Chapter 12

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The moment I saw my little boy hug mia, I knew they had a bond.

He was, what you call, antisocial, so its fair to say that it left me in shock when he hugged her.

I suspected him to hide behind my legs and tremble.

While greyson kenzie and Everest went and dealt with the crook I was left to take care of Mia and Troy, in a place like this, you can't leave babies at their own or else there is a possibility they'll be scarred for life.

I let them be for a moment and watched them.

Mia was very short and troy was too but not as much.

I bent down and snapped a picture of them and sent it to a group chat containing mia's daddies and I.

I then left my phone and decided to speak up

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I then left my phone and decided to speak up.

"Aren't the lot of you adorable, now pet tell me why ye'all teary, ya got yr eyes all red, " I said while tapping mia's shoulder.

She looked up at me and said nothing, still clinging to troy.

Troy did grabby hands towards me and I smiled at his cuteness and picked him up.

The moment he was in my arms mia's lips began to quiver, at the sight of that, troy wasted no time in jumping out of my arms and hugging Mia.

"Shh its okey he is my daddy he won't huwt you, pwomise with all my heawt, " troy told Mia.

She then looked at me and her glossy eyes shinning with curiosity.

I chuckled "hello, I'm kaden your daddies friend, this is troy my little boy, now can you answer my previous question honey?"

"My daddies left me, and dey won't come back," she said sobbing again.

"No no no honey, you got it all wrong,
they will be back, as fast as they can, don't be sad honey, in the mean time, you and troy can play, how about that? " I said while wiping her tears.

Troy wasted no time in grabbing her hand and running up the stairs.

"TROY, SLOW DOWN NOW! " at the sound of my voice, Mia and troy came to a halt and walked slowly.

They reached the room soon enough and began jumping up and down on my king seized bed.

Mia then laid down straight and troy jumped up and down while Mia rose up and feel.

They giggled and I chuckled.

"Okey kids, let's watch some cartoons while I cook, "

They ran to the couch and sat down while I put on some Tom and Jerry.


A good 40 minutes later, I grinned wide at what I had managed to stir up.

It was almost noon so I had a healthy kid-friendly lunch. For an appetizer, I had made some mozerlla sticks and made honey mustard on the side. For the main course I prepared chicken nuggets, dinasour shape, cooked peas, carrots, and masked potatoes. For me I replaced the chicken nuggets with a grand steak. For beverages, I had myself white wine, and for the kids, strawberry and banana Juice. As for dessert, I made a delicious chocolate pie with vanilla icecream.

I had set the table in the kitchen.

I already had a highchair for my baby in the kitchen. I remember very well, the numerous amount of times today I was ordered to make sure Mia ate in highchair or else she'll fall and hurt herself. Ofcourse, that and 863 other remarks and orders, like how to shower her, what to feed her, when to give her her medication, and honestly I recall getting a few threats if anyone of the 863 what to do and what not to do where "not followed".

I remember that I had an extra one in storage, so I pulled it out and set it to the right of mine, and the other to the left.

I rushed into the living room to call them in.

I found them sleeping and cuddling peacefully and at the sight of them, my heart fluttered.

I quickly snapped a picture and sent it to the men.

I woke them up, even though I really didn't want to. They nagged a little but at the sound of 'its time for lunch' they were energised quicker than I can say bubblegum.

Little Mia and Troy both made grabby hands towards me and while picking them up I made a fake grunting noise.

They giggled and called me silly, while I strapped them into their highchairs.


*Greysons POV*

Getting information out of the black crook was hard, And when I say hard I mean, now the three of us have red bloddy knuckles, and the black crooks face is unrecognisable.

Everest was not taking this well, all his life, he wanted to end crime and I know recently, this feeling increai because now he has Mia, and he will stop and nothing to keep her safe, and having the black crook and his men in the street jeopardizes everyones safety.

And if we make no progress soon, in afraid he'll loose his control and kill him before he gets anything out of him.

" Kenzie, I want you to run his fingerprint in our system, and find me anything I can threaten him with, NOW," Everest whispered to me.

I stayed back staring at the bloody man tied up in our basement smirking at him while he coughs up blood.

"Alright, I ran his fingerprint and he is called "Andrew" but I highly doubt that, it might be a fake name, he is married has 4 children all ages between "15 to 23" he has several bank accounts, works as a target staff manager, but given that he has many bank accounts and being a target staff manager, it doesn't seem right, his income is way less than his balance, so I assume his wife is not aware of the other bank accounts,"

"Perfect, how about we pay his family a few visits, Kenzie please go fetch them," Everest said grinning at his victory.

"Hey, Andrew, how are you doing pall? how's the misses? And how are the young ones? I sew pamila isn't so young anymore, 23 is she, ah, it must be hard, to hide from your family the truth, the truth that their father is fraud, drug dealer, has several rape victims, and don't forget is a murderer! And honestly I can't wait to tell them about the rape part. Anyways, how are they doing after the loss of Thier 7 year old cousin, god how terrible it must have been to lose him by a car accident. But you and I know he didn't accidentally die, but he was raped, tortured, then killed by his own damn uncle, oh that must be to much to take in now, right Andrew," I said. And finally I heard him whimper in fear, and that was music to my ears.

We got him.


Oooooo shitttttt

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