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I spent the next two weeks locking myself in my room reading books. If not, I'd find a random piece of paper and write. I can't sing, dance or draw but I certainly can write one hell of a story. Once in a while, Elijah would come in my room and discuss the books I've read. It also became his job to home school me during my time with them. The Mikaelson's demanded I don't attend school nor leave the house for a while. Not until I was ready.

Rebekah would pester to get a foot spa. I wasn't one for girly antics but I obliged. She's one of the reasons why I'd leave the room. Kol, on the other hand, would distract me from my precious reading and force me to play games with him. If not, he'd beg to me hunt and, in the end, he compels me to go with him and I have no choice.

Klaus...well, our nightly outings never stopped. Sometimes, he'd pass by my room and ask me to accompany him while he paints. He attempted to teach me at some point but we agreed never to do that again. He was the closest to me out of all his siblings.

The Mikaelson's became my family. The family I've always dreamed of having. Elijah's my older brother, Kol's the annoying sibling no one can't seem to shake off, Rebekah's the sister Caroline never was and Klaus, to me, is more than just family. He...has a special place in my heart.

"SEPHY!" I heard Rebekah call for me. I sighed as I put down the book I was currently reading. Rebekah came barging in with her hands on her hips.

"Uh oh, what did I do this time?" I asked with a teasing smile.

"You are coming with me," She said, wrapping her hand around my wrist as she attempted to drag me out of bed.

"Where are we going?" I asked, resisting from her grip.

"We're going shopping," She answered, "We need to update your wardrobe. My brothers keep putting my clothes in your closet and I refuse to let you settle with hand-me-downs,"

"Can you let me change first?" I gestured to my cotton shorts and white V-neck shirt I was currently wearing. She sighed and nodded, wiggling 2 fingers and pointing downstairs. She left the room and I ran to my closet, putting on a simple yellow, off shoulder blouse and white pants with simple white flats. I braided my hair and left the room, only to bump into Klaus.

"I hear you and my sister are going shopping," He told me.

"We're going to have so much fun," I said, rolling eyes, "I have to go before your sister drags me by the hair,"

I attempted to leave but Klaus grabbed me by the arm, "Hold on, love,"

"What's up?" He fumbled through his pocket until he brought out a necklace with a pomegranate fruit as a pendant. The pendant was transparent and, in it, held a liquid substance.

"This is a vervain necklace," He explained, "It keeps you from getting compelled. Though, you are now a vampire, I hear Kol likes to compel you so often,"

"That's...beautiful. I—thank you, Klaus," I said, staring at the gorgeous necklace in front of me. He unclasped the hook and stepped closer as Klaus himself put the necklace on me. Our faces were close and, for a second, I thought we were going to kiss until Rebekah shouted my name.

"Better get going," He muttered, "Have fun, Persephone,"

He left me by the stairs and I was the first time he called me by my name. I snapped out of my daze as Rebekah called me once more. I met her downstairs and we got in her car and drove off.

"This is not Mystic Falls mall," I stated as I looked at our surroundings. We were in the middle of nowhere and one, big mall was in the center of it all. Expensive looking cars lined the parking lot and I don't think I fit in with the rest of the people wearing designer clothing.

"Obviously," Rebekah stated, "We're to make sure we get the best quality for your clothes, hair and make-up. And, so none of the Scooby gang sees us,"

"Hold on, you said nothing about a makeover," I protested.

"Oh, did I forget to tell you?" She said, "It's my turn. And, our mission for today is to get you a complete makeover that would lose any trace of the old you,"

"Are you saying I'm hideous?" I asked.

"No. To be honest, you're gorgeous but you hid all of those with baggy clothes and shaggy hair," She said as we entered the mall.

"How am I supposed to pay for all of this?" I questioned.

"You're not. This is the purpose of compulsion, Seph," She stated. We entered the first store and I was in awe of the beautifully-made clothing that lined the racks.

"Let's begin." And with that Rebekah dragged me from one store to another, buying clothes, bags and jewelry. Thank the Lord I wore flats today. By the time we got to the salon, my feet were sore and I'm just grateful I get to sit for the remaining time we have.

"Give her a look that says 'You shouldn't have messed with me'," Rebekah told the salon artist and he just replied with a, "Leave it to me,"

We got home by dinner and the Mikaelson men were in the living room waiting for us. Rebekah refused to let me make an appearance until she says so, so I stayed by the door, waiting for her.

"Where's Persephone?" I heard Klaus ask.

"Behind that door as she makes her grand entrance," Rebekah replied and I could feel a smile through her words.

"Please tell me you didn't cake her with make-up," I heard Kol whine.

"As a matter of fact..." Rebekah trailed off and I got that as my cue to enter. As I did, the Mikaelson siblings looked at me in awe as I slowly stepped in the room. My blonde hair were no longer in their braids but were curled to perfection. I barely work any make-up and Rebekah demanded I wear something more revealing. She made me wear a white tube top with a maroon blazer, white shorts and a pair of heeled boots.

"You look

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"You look...beautiful," Klaus breathed out and I blushed at his words.

"We're going to have so much fun tomorrow," Rebekah squealed.

"What's tomorrow?" I asked.

"You're going back to Mystic Falls High School," Elijah responded and I can feel the nervousness creeping in.  

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