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"I'm not ready," I stated with wide eyes.

"Yes, you are," Rebekah retorted.

"I have seen your progress, Persephone, and I am confident enough to say you are," Elijah stated.

"What progress?" I asked, "I feel like I've barely changed!"

"You've gotten fiercer, love," Klaus said, "You no longer stutter, you've grown more confident. Now that you're a vampire, you've gotten stronger as well,"

"You speak more, you became more open, you're not afraid to fight back," Kol added, "And please, don't say you're not ready or else all we've done for you will go to waste,"

"I will be with you every step of the way," Rebekah reassured.

"Fine," I gave in, "But that's three vampires, one witch, one hybrid and one doppelganger I have to deal with,"

"Might I remind you that we Originals are more powerful than they are and, considering you defeated Kol and Rebekah during your training, that's beating a lot more than just your average vampires," Elijah stated.

"As for the witch, don't you remember your time with Simone?" Klaus reminded. Oh, yeah...they brought in a witch for a few days and they made me endure all kinds of spells 'til I grew immune. God, that was the worst.

"Oh, yeah," I trailed off, reminiscing, "Okay, fine. You've persuaded me,"

"Fantastic," Klaus exclaimed, standing up, "Come, love, you need a warm mug of O negative before getting your beauty rest,"

And with that, Klaus led me to the kitchen, handing me a steaming mug of blood, while we chatted for the night before I went to bed.


The next day, Rebekah dragged me out of bed, demanding I take a shower and put on the clothes she's laid out for me. It was a flowy white, knee-high, rose-printed sundress with a V-neck cut and thin straps. She also laid out a red blazer for me and brown, heeled ankle boots. I took a quick shower, curled my hair and put on a little bit of make-up. I slipped on my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror before grabbing my newly-bought school bag and left the room.

"Good, we're right on time," Rebekah said as I went downstairs.

"Barely," I said looking at my silver watch.

"We need you to make a grand entrance," Rebekah stated, "I'll meet you in the car,"

I nodded and went to the kitchen to grab myself a blood bag. There, Kol, Klaus and Elijah were gathered as they were having their breakfast.

"Don't you look gorgeous," Klaus complimented and I just stuck my tongue out at him.

"Wish me luck," I said as I threw the blood bag in the garbage bin and ran to the car.

Before I could step out, Kol called out, "Don't forget, darling! Heartless!"

Like they didn't make me one already. Rebekah was patiently waiting for me in the car and I sighed as I got in.

"You ready?" She asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be," I replied as she drove off.


Arriving at Mystic Falls High School made me nervous but I pushed that down as I remembered my purpose for being here. Rebekah gave me a reassuring smile but I gave her a mischievous smirk in return.

"Here we go," She said as we got out of the car. All eyes were on us as we linked arms and strutted our way to the school.

"Holy shit who are they?"


"I-is that...Persephone Forbes?"

Whispers surrounded the school and I gave Rebekah a satisfied look. We entered the building and the first thing we saw were Elena, Bonnie and Caroline staring at the door. I narrowed my eyes at them but Rebekah dragged me to the Admin Office. There we got our schedules, happy to know we have the same set of classes. As we were exiting the office, a guy bumped into me.

It was Eddie Moore, the guy who pretended to be my friend for a year only to know he was trying to get close to Caroline.

"I'm so sorry," He said, gripping my wrist. Pissed, I shook of his hand, while slapping him in the face, saying, "Don't touch me,"

Rebekah gave me a smirk and we walk down the halls only to be greeted by the trio and Stefan.

"You can't just come in here and take over the school like you own it," Caroline snapped.

"Oh, but, sweetheart, we already did," Rebekah answered.

Elena directed her attention to me and said, "You've been gone for a month and you think you can just come back here with a new look? Face it, you're still that scared, little girl from before,"

Thinking I'd cower back, Elena tried to step closer to me. But, I beat her to it as I got up in her face, saying, "I'm not the same person you could easily manipulate, bitch,"

And with that, Rebekah and I walked away with a smile on our face. 

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