X-Marks the Spot

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Niall POV

My eyes fluttered open to a poorly lit room with a bulb swaying back and forth. What the hell happened? Last time I remember I was buying some crisps, and went to this... where did I went? It seems to draw a blank in my memory.

I tried getting up, but none of my body parts would obey. C'mon, why can't I move? You can do this Niall. Still no response. CRAP! WHAT THE HELL, HAVE I BEEN GAGGED? "Where did you take Niall!?!?" I heard the lads ask somebody from the other room... SHIT! NOW I REMEMBER! I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED NOW!


"Now where do I get some carrots.." I mumbled as I looked over the corners of the market but found none. I huffed and almost gave up when a whimsical voice called out behind me. "Do you need help Mr.. Horan?" I turned around, and see the girl smiling at me.

"Oh, do you happen to know where the carrots are lil' lassy?" I asked her hoping she'd tell me, and Louis wouldn't have to be mad. "It's right here. Come" she raised her hand for me told hold it. I smiled and took her hand taking in her moderate pace. She lead me through some more twists and turns until we halted to the candy shop.

"Er Lassy.. This exactly isn't carrots." I said to the girl who was now out of my sight. "Lassy?' I called out, and none responded. I felt a chill ran down my spine. I heard her giggles and followed it to the parking lot. Something hit my head, and blackness took over.

End of Flashback

I tried shouting, but only short muffles came out, and the next thing I know it, there was a figure behind me, and once again the darkness won, covering me with it's wrath. Sorry guys, you'll have to find me once again.

Zayn POV

"EEEEKKK!!!!" She screamed, but Harry held her back with both of her arms with a strong grip. Now I 'really' wish that I had Lian's six-pack. I sighed in disappointment as I raked through my hair and continued to wait for the girl's response.

"OW!" Harry screamed as he got kicked in the crotch, and the girl was off to the door. Surprisingly, Liam wasn't infront of the door, which surprised me. He had a knowing smirk at his face as the girl tried to get away. "No worries." Paul stated with a smirk on his face as he carried the girl through his shoulders, and I slapped Liam on the arm for not telling me earlier.

 "Um... Ow!" he glared at me for a short moment, but stopped as soon as well chuckled. "I found the ductape!" Lou stated from behind the counter, and hopped off to get a seat, and wrapped the whole roll on the girl making her unable to move.

"HELP IM BEING ROBBED!" She shouted desperately but none came in. Harry poked on his ears trying to block out the shrieks and I did the same. She gave up after an hour or two. "Fine.." she said giving up with a devastated sigh.

Me and Harry felt very much accomplished by this very thing. "Woo!" we gave each other a high-five. Louis and Harry jumped to each other's arms, and were holding each other on the shoulders in a comforting way. Honestly, they looks so good together that It made me long for Perrie who was away in a tour of her own with Little Mix.

Liam and Louis freed one of her hand, and she scribbled some directions to a certain location. She had tears on her eyes when she finished. She didn't even look like she was faking it. "I'm sorry." she whispered while she slumped back into the chair.

"I was only payed to do this.." she stated while she looked at me directly on the eyes. "Free her." I ordered the boys and they looked at me hesitantly. "Are you crazy?!?!?" Harry asked me as he looked at me for confirmation. I nodded in response. "She wasn't kidding." I stated, and Liam and Louis started already loosening the tape ripping out some hair off her. 

"GYAAAAHHH!" She screamed as it was peeled off her skin. She stumbled down to my feet and thanked me. "Thank you.. thank you.." she whispered. "But.." she added. "Please don't blame my family on this. They knew nothing of what I do." she confessed ashamed of her own job.  Me and the boys as we left promised not to put any blame on her seeing as she helped us, and never stoop so low as to actually threaten us with harm.

We got into the can as soon as possible, and Paul typed in the address to the GPS's quickly leading us away from town. "49 Metres down Bradford Ave." The machine called out, and I rolled my eyes at the sudden ironic notion. "20 Metres down 143 Street." Our eyes twinkled with interest. We were almost there.. I can feel it through the goosebumps in my arm that were definitely close.

We arrived infront of a huge mansion with drawed in curtains. Seemed very suspicious even before anything ever happened. Louis phoned in Simon saying that we might have found Niall's location, and that we were completely defenseless at this point, since everyone knows about our bodyguard Paul.

And plus who would let in a muscle-buffed guard to be claimed as a father.. it's pure and utter stupidity. Before we entered, there was a gate with security system. Wow, whoever this is, is pretty smart with the technology. The laser trigger machine was barely noticeable but it is there.

"How the bloody hell are we supposed to enter?" Louis groaned madly and pounded on the walls of the gate. My mind could not contemplate with a smart-ass plan and I quickly went infornt of the gate and ran the pressed the doorbell.

Harry, Louis and Liam tried pulling me back and clamping my mouth. "You idiot!" they half-whispered half shouted. "Hello?" someone called out from the other side. I quickly squirmed away from their grip and said a proper hello. "Was this the Ella Residence?' I asked and I got no response.

"Is this the place for Ella .. Ella Burrows Sweet 16?" I asked again, and I heard a squeal, and the person from the other side muttered a yes, then the gates opened. All of us hesitated before coming  on. Oh Niall, you better be okay!


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