The real FBI

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JJ was hurried into the conference room, even still she was holding a cell phone to his ear, and her blond hair was fluttering behind her.

"You know about Oklahoma and Missouri?!" She wondered.

"Yes, and Colorado," there was a confirmation from an unsub caller.

"About Colorado, but there was no such murder," She said and ran into the conference room, where the whole team was already ready. "Hold on, I'll give you loud," She asked, switching to the speaker.

"Yeah, hello everyone," JJ's mysterious informant greeted the whole team.

"Hello I am Aaron Hotchner, Head of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit, me and my entire team have the opportunity to hear you. Supposedly you have some information about the unknown subject, the offender we've been searching for over two months," Hotch took up the words and with one gesture he suggested to Garcia that she find the caller by her skills.

"Well, I have no more information about the perpetrator than about his victims, including the last one," was the answer. Meanwhile, what Hotch tried to keep the conversation going, Rossi focused on the voice. Mysterious informant was a man, quite a young man. If he had to guess, someone under the age of 30.

"About Elizabeth Parker," Hotch thought, but he was wrong.

"No, about Mrs. Lily Bell," an unsub informant said.

"About Mrs. Lily Bell?"

"Yeah, Miss Lily Bell who lived in Colorado. That's far enough, but it doesn't matter. She has two wounds on her neck, curled and wrinkled as a juice paper box with a straw, but salted and peppered as if the perpetrator wanted to cook to eat her. In addition, she dressed in such rags, I guess imitation of the 15th century, and hands is inscribed again a few words in Latin as it was with others victim. This time, if I can translate, the offender says: "She died young, she would be beautiful in her lifeless life." In addition, it was locked. The killer had to get over the balcony, which had to be quite challenging if one realizes that I'm on the sixth floor," the caller began to explain, as if he had spoken about his everyday routine at work. They knew that tone, they were using it, too, so some conscientious policeman? Morgan thought.

But Hotch was interested in another thing. "It was locked. The killer had to get over the balcony," He repeated incredulously. "You are in a crime scene!" he realized.

"Yeah man. I am in her apartment, standing above the deceased," and the whole team froze as the command, but the unsub informant continued. Hotch glanced at Garcia after the confirmation, but she nodded that the caller was telling the truth. "Hahaha, but don't worry, I'm professional, I wear gloves. I know how you all of the cops are fond of these forensic stupidity. I had a cousin, he was a forensic guy and always came up with some funny storyline from work, but what was even more fun than all the stories was his sweater..." Rossi grinned. JJ's informant was so socially awkward and inconsistent as was Reid. Morgan was confused. That mysterious caller was used to talking about murders and such things, he was used to move on the scene of the crime, but if he was not a cop, then maybe it was just another option or not? But Morgan didn't like that.

Over the phone it could hear rustling and opening drawers. "Oh, that's interesting. you know The Bar Black, when stars fall?"

"Sure, the tickets from that bar were found at Samantha and Grace victims 1. and 3.," Reid nodded his head.

"So our dear Lily ticket has it too, so I guess if I was you I will be to start with it, but it's your job," an informant suddenly tried to finish this conversation quickly.

No, wait, who are you? How is it that you know so much? Emily wanted to know, but before he could say anything, took the word again Hotch: "Thank you for your help, analysis, wisdom, and that you have called. We are very grateful to you, but if we can, we would still ask you for your further cooperation, you are very well informed about the case and your help would really be useful if it didn't bother you," he tried to keep this suspicious caller.

"It wouldn't bother me, but I don't intend it. To hunt people is not my field. However..." The mysterious informant paused for a moment. Again, there was a rustling sound, and when he came back again, it was to know that he read: "Amusement park closes because of the six missing persons who have disappeared in strange circumstances in a haunted house that has already had one unfortunate accident. It looks interesting, and it's less than seven miles away, so maybe I'll be around, so if you need help, then I'll call. Goodbye!" And that's what the unknown subject caller hung up leaving the FBI team in doubt.

Who was that mysterious informant? How did he know so much about their case, even more than they do? Was he an unsub who called for a feeling of greater power? However, this didn't correspond to the profile. Or was it just a civilian, a private detective that found out what he was up against is his skills? But if they did, then what was the: "hunt people is not my field", the private detective receive orders, they don't looking case in newspapers, or do they? And why did he call it anonymous, he refused to cooperate, and wanted to end it so fast? So many questions! May one know that sometimes it's better not to ask, because the truth is far more terrifying than anyone can imagine at all.

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