Amusement park

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Furthermore, everything went on as usual. They informed the local police about another victim, boarded the plane, where they had been discussing the case and the mysterious informant, and then rested. At the airport when they stepped out, Hotch gave his instructions. Emily and Reid going to the morgue to examine the body. Rossi was supposed to take a look at the new crime scene, and Hotch and JJ were supposed to go to the local police headquarters. Morgan didn't get a task, and that was a red alert for our African American agent. He wasn't think, that the big boss had something completely different for him.

"Morgan, can I talk to you for a moment?" Hotch took him aside.

"Sure. I don't have a task," He nodded.

"That's because I need you somewhere else," Hotch admitted.

"You want to send me for who called us," Morgan suddenly understood.

"Yes. The man could be our UNSUB or at least an important witness. I want you to find out if he really went to the Amusement park, tried to find him, do interrogation and..." Hotch paused for a moment.

"And he also looked at what was with missing people on the Amusement park," Morgan finished it for Hotch.

"Exactly. I don't think there is a big chance that the informant told us the truth about his future plans, or that there was something interesting about the amusement park, but if there was a chance, please be careful."

"Don't worry, I will," Morgan promised, but if he knew what was waiting for him, our policeman would insist at least not to go alone, unfortunately, nescience is sometimes sweet and sometimes dangerous.

That Amusement park was really a bit out of town, and everywhere there was a lot of people, noise, confusion, and everything. Much of everything to find someone, even if Morgan knew with certainty that the mysterious informant is here and he knew his face, let alone the way he knew nothing at all. But if that caller was there, he probably didn't lie about his interest in the case of missing people who had disappeared in the haunted house, so the best Morgan could do was start there.

So, Morgan walked through almost all the amusement park to the haunted house at the end. It wasn't such a house of plywood as any house in amusement park. This house was old, slowly falling apart, but a real brick house that was already scary in itself. If it was just in secluded, people would hesitate to go into this house with the legitimate fear of something being broken down or for reasons the possible presence of the homeless and other strange individuals. It was precisely the type of dilapidated houses, which the UNSUB often choose for their perverse games. Morgan shuddered. Even now, when already the red-and-white tape hung through the entrance in the symbol: "don't enter", but the ads were still everywhere, and beside to the house was hut made of plywood for ticket sales. Derek first came to it. It looked closed, but barely after two minutes of hanging around, two men came out of it.

One of them was very tall and lean, like Reid, and just like his younger colleague also wore black Converse sneakers. He had short brown hair and a mouse face with big ears and a pointed narrow nose. He wore jeans a green jacket, a light brown shirt with a dark brown tie. Nothing much, just poor college student. The other man was smaller, he had something with his backbone, so he still stooped on one side and he was limping. His clothes were even worse, than the young man had. Dirty, shabby here and there torn black pants, shirt and some sort of baggy gray sweater. The raven hair was long, his harsh voice was carried with a certain degree of certainty, and it was heard despite all the noise of the amusement park.

"I know that the haunted house is now inaccessible to the general public, but I can look into it. You know, that would help the article in the magazine," the student asked the other man. But he looked at him so strangely, and then his lips broke into a wicked smile.

"So aren't you afraid?!" He said. It was a simple and logical question in the circumstances, but why did Morgan sound like a threat?

However, the young man returned a smile and with utter unwavering determination said: "Not in the least."

"That's what everyone says," the other man started laughing, and his laughter was perverse and terrifying, but then he nodded. "Well boy, then, after midnight today."

"Thank you," the young man finally said, left and finished the absurd conversation.

"Excuse me, are you in charge of this haunted house?" our agent finally asked, outraged by what he had heard.

"Yes, somehow," he confirmed Morgan's presumption.

"And you will let that young man go! You will let him enter the house, where people were mysteriously lost. I thought it was closed... not just the house, but the whole amusement park!" Morgan began with him, however, it didn't seem that the man takes Morgan's "attack" seriously.

"And who are you? Another journalist?!" The administrator of the haunted house asked.

"My name is Derek Morgan, FBI," our agent sovereignly introduced himself and waved a badge.

"Oh, Mr. is a Fed," the man said with disdain. "And he thinks, that he has law of God."

"No, but I can put you in prison for a while, so show me at least a grain of respect and goodwill and answer me a few questions," Morgan grunted, he would bet all the money, that this man was responsible for all those disappearances, that he was the UNSUB.

"Sure, what would you like to know?" He asked with a considerable dose of sarcasm, which Morgan, with a sigh, rather let it be.

"Why is closed only the haunted house, I read in a newspaper that the whole amusement park should be closed?" was Morgan's first question.

"It was supposed to be, but why destroying all sales? It seems that people like it. It doesn't seem to deter a lot of people; on the contrary, some have come here because of it," the man said.

"Like the boy..." Morgan added for him.

"Yes, like that boy, though what he does is his business. It's his decision, and I think he knows much better about what he is going on than you, sir," the administrator of the haunted house said.

"I strongly doubt about that. I see these guys all the time, they are courageous and long for adventure, and then ends up with a broken skull. Six people have disappeared!"

"If you are so worried about this guy, maybe you therefore you should to go with him at midnight expedition," the man said, and Morgan could not resist the idea of a wild animal, which is waiting for the next prey. The guy was weird, but Morgan didn't have the required evidence and his trained ability to read in criminals didn't really want to help out why his instincts were frantic about the alarm. One more reason why he must go to the house at midnight.

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