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Derek Morgan woke up with terrifying headache on the bed of the motel. What? Was it all a dream, and he just had a bit of drinking too much yesterday?! No, wait, if it is so, why is he in the motel and not at home? Was he so drunk when he had a case?! No, it's not likely! He couldn't even recognize this room now, when he was fully awake. Nothing was there, except for the things he had when he entered the haunted house, but it didn't mean that the room was empty.

On the bedside table next to the bed was a first-aid kit with half-drawn things, and clothes and blood-stained bandages wound around. First aid that was used directly on him. He had a wrapped head and a right hand. An open laptop with a lot of paper lay on the table a few feet further. Morgan rose and walked over to it. The laptop was switched on and connected to the Internet, and on its monitor there was an article about a demon called Agramon. On the table next to laptop lay photos of the victims from police file and several of printed papers about the history of the house. Morgan would admire it as a great police job if it was police work and not one's obsession. Just in the chair beside it was a green military bag, and the contents gave it a completely different dimension. It was full of weapons, knives, pistols, shotguns, there were flares, a shovel, a couple of sacks of salt, a bottle of water in which a rosary swam, and even something that resembled a large thorn or a part of a spear.

Great, so the whole thing wasn't just a dream, or he wasn't save by some good soul, who is interested about the case of the missing people in a haunted house, but he was probably kidnapped by unsub, when he would lose consciousness. Unsub doped him by something, frightened him, and now he's here, is not it?! But if he was kidnapped, why would unsub treat him? Why didn't unsub take his service weapon? Morgan still had it at his waist. Why didn't he take his cellphone? Why didn't unsub tie him and why he left him here alone with all this? Maybe unsub didn't expect to that he wake up so soon. Or he suffers from a split personality, one is a murderer and the other is trying to protect people, but one doesn't know about another. That might explain, but such a phenomenon, combined with religious delusions, was so rare that Morgan didn't really know what to think about it.

Our FBI agent continued to rummage through the bag until he encountered several fake passports, citizens and badges of various government officials, including the FBI badge. All the fake documents were the same photos of the same man. It was the young man, who Morgan saw yesterday at the amusement park, the journalist who wanted to go to the haunted house. Morgan frowned. It didn't make any sense! He put one of the proofs on the table and took photos with it on his cell phone, then called Garcia.

"Oh, you have the courage to call me! Hotch sends you somewhere, who knows where, and I didn't hear about you for days. I'm angry with you! You know, how much I was afraid about you!" she denounced his actions immediately without a greeting.

"I'm so sorry, my beautiful baby girl. I promise you, once I get home again, so I will compensate you all," Morgan promised, but he was not sure if he'd ever get home again. That night in the haunted house was hard for him.

"Well, well, the apology accepted, so what you need from the well of all knowledge, my chocolate thunder," Garcia immediately chattered.

"I think I have something," Morgan began.

"You think you have something, it doesn't sound very convincing," Morgan's favorite friend was joking.

"No, no, baby, I..." Morgan wanted Garcia to say everything. Tell her that he doesn't have anybody here, that he spent one of his darkest moments of life yesterday, and that he does not even know where he is, that he is going crazy. But it couldn't, he couldn't!

"Derek, what is wrong? You scare me!" Garcia murmured after Morgan's long pause.

"Nothing, just... I'll send you a picture and I'd like you to find out who it is and his past," Morgan said.

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