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Leanna had worn out her vocal cords and all she could muster were pathetic little whimpers. Her soul felt as if it were being torn apart and she could barely hold herself together.

She wasn't holding it together.

Her wolf was so small, so diminished by is actions. She felt like a child who hadn't completely connected with their wolf yet. Except hers was slowly drifting away from her.

She pleaded with the air, hoping someone would find her. That he would come to his senses. Anything to take her away from the pain in her chest that was slowly killing her.

"I'll take you. Show you what a real man can do," a gravelly voice answered her pleas and she regretted it instantly.

She retreated into her cell, curling into a ball as the man continued his verbal assault of what he would do to her. She shut her eyes tightly and shuddered and little by little, it all faded away. It was as if she'd become suspended in time, drifting but physically there.

Had she been here hours or only minutes?

The darkness made it impossible to tell. It completely suffocated her. She couldn't tell where one wall started and another ended. It was a big blur and she desperately wanted out.

Come on, Lea. You know the answer.

"Hello?" she was hesitant to speak but the voice was so loud and stern, she felt compelled to say something, anything.

"What do you do if you are trapped? Figure it out!"

"I don't know, father. I can't-"

Leanna screamed at the sound of a whip filling her ears and her body stung with it. It was dull, like if maybe she'd felt it once and was only just remembering it now. She knew she had scars but her parents had told her that it was from an accident. A group of drunk humans had hit them and because there was silver on the outside of the car as protection in case rogues attacked, it burned her skin.

She didn't remember it but she always figured she hit her head so hard she forgot.

But if what Vincent said was true...

You. You aren't one of us. 

You will never truly be part of our pack. Your father has caused us nothing but misery. 

I let them adopt you! You are a rogue! We found you! And now I regret that decision. 

Then they weren't her real parents. 

But if they weren't, why would they have lied to her? Why would they have kept her from her family?

Why couldn't she remember anything?

She eventually fell asleep but it was restless and she was startled awake by an achingly familiar voice.

"Get up, rogue."

Leanna sat up, her eyes fixing on the outline of Vincent's body. Her wolf quivered, so delicate she couldn't stand the pain of being near him. Leanna's heart was pounding right out of her chest and she wanted to scream.

"Vince, please. I-I'm not a rogue. I g-grew up here. Please let me go," she begged, crawling forward, her body far too weak to stay on two feet.

"You will call me Alpha. And for that disobedience, I'll give you ten lashes."

His voice was the same but different. Deeper, darker, void of emotion. It was as if he'd been replaced by something evil.

She felt his hands grab her hair and she was yanked forward, her scream scratching her throat.

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