Chapter 7

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Abhinay pov

" So, Your mom is coming.?" Viraj asked while leaning on the door with his arms crossed over his chest, while Vinay was just busy reading some shitty magazines that were kept on the tables while sitting comfortably on the couch, totally ignoring our conversation. Bastard.

" Yeah!! And I don't know what must I do." I started, totally ignoring Vinay's indifferent behaviour," You know  she didn't know about any of our underworld works." I added, looking at Viraj intently.

"Thats I know;  Are you sure you would be able to handle our underworld life once your mom comes?" he asked raising his one eyebrow at me," You know there are enemies lurking around just waiting to grab the opportunity to attack us." Viraj added further making my eyebrows furrowed at him.

" What do you mean by that?" I asked," How my mom coming to meet me grabs the attention of those fucking rivals?" I snapped.

" No need to get hyper boss, what I mean to say is that once your attention gets distracted towards your mom, they will not waste even a single second to attack us. That 'Badshah' is already waiting for this moment for a long time." He stated.

" What about that Badshah. He failed to smuggle his own weapons and even owes a lot of debts to others. He is weak. His name may be badshah, but he is nothing like badshah (king) " I chuckled looking at Viraj while he just pursed his lips watching me intently.

" Stop staring, its annoying. Really!" I stated  feeling annoyed.

"Don't underestimate boss!! That badshah might seem to us like a fucking rat but he might be as cunning as fox." Viraj stated making me more annoyed.

" Three-four days ago I gave you the responsibility to tighten our security. No person should be enter or exit out of this mansion without full verification. I expect you to tighten our security more if possible. There should be no flaws this time, otherwise you this time you along with those men will face the consequences. Do you understand?" I asked him as calmly as possible.

" Yeah boss! you don't worry. I take full responsibity for security." Viraj stated sincerely. I hummed and focused my eyes on the paperworks that were laid in front of my tables until I heard someone chuckled, that was no other than Vinay.

He is truly annoying me.

" What is your fucking problem Vinay ?" I snapped.

" Nothing boss!! I was just wondering about our security. You know last time I checked some random girl crossed our securities just like that. I am now wondering who would be able to cross this security now" he snickered making me glaring daggers at him.

" SHUT UP VINAY!!" I snapped." You are fucking useless now a days. You better shut your mouth before I shut it for you." I snapped angrily.

" Woah boss!! just calm down." He said while raising his both hands in upward direction in a surrender gesture making me roll my eyes at him.

" You better start doing some important work rather than mocking" I said

" Yeah!! instead of being laughing at others do some useful things that could be helpful for us." Viraj too glared at him and mocked at him.

" Ok ok! calm down both of you." stated Vinay, while I calmed myself down by distracting my mind from him towards the paperwork in front of me.

" What should we do with that girl?"  Vinay stated again and I just looked at him with my raised eyebrows.

" What do you think what we must do to that girl?" I asked calmly and then flickered my gaze towards the paperwork again.

" It would be better if we just finish her off. " Viraj said with rather annoyed look over his face.

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