The truth will resolve things?

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Louis POV

Going in the 'nest' of the villain is not the best way to go. Being defenseless does not exactly fix the situation. Zayn clearly wasn't thinking when he said that he'd 'ring the dorbell' "Hello?" A voice called out from the other side. All of us froze when we heard a rustic voice come out from voice-box machine. I glared at Zayn, and he shrugged it off.

"Was this the Ella Residence?" Zayn asked saying a random name. Honestly, he's such an idiot with a capital 'I' why use a fake name? They might suspect were up to no good. "Is this the place for Ella... Ella Burrows Sweet 16?" he asked in his most sincere voice. For a second I thought they might chase us with a chainsaw or something with the lies that Zayn was able to make up out of the blue, but after like a few minutes, I heard squealing, and the voice called out once again. 

"Please enter." the voice called out once again, and I took a big sigh. Harry held my hand with the utmost care gripping it tightly with his soft 'feminine' hands. He then pecked my lips for a second, stared at me lovingly, then lead me with the rest of the lads at the front door.

"Be strong alright?" he whispered to me with an unfaltering smile. He couldn't see it himself, but his brows were scrunched up showing that he clearly didn't like this at all, and he also needed me as I him for support. Harry is pretty bad at hiding his emotions and I preffered that. One of the many reasons I fell-totally-head-over-toms for him.

I felt that he knew what I was thinking, because his grip tightened on my hand, and I heard him release a straint chuckle from infront of me. I felt a blush come along, and I quickly brushed it away as a butler in a black tux lead us inside those heavy wooden doors.

"Please wait here." he instructed us as we sat down in the sofa completely not relaxed in anyway possible. If this is the right place, then some danger might await us if we try... no.. when we get Niall back. The group is a mess without his jokes and goofy smiles. I swear, it's contagious!!

A buzz vibrated in my pocket and Simon replied with a "We'll get there soon." titled 'Complete Urgency' Atleast an adult other than management, which by the way have finally pulled through, and track Niall's cell leading us through the market. First time I've seen them do the right thing concerning Niall.

We were waiting there for who knows how long, and a girl who looked about 10 or 11 appeared with a huge smile lighting her face. "I'm Ella!" she squeaked showcasing her pretty little sundress. "Ehm.. Your 16?" I asked her curiously, and the lads looked in my direction saying 'why did you ask that?' look.. though they do look a bit relieved that someone actually asked that question.

"Ah yeah." she nodded constantly with the smile not leaving her face. "Though.." she paused blushing not eyeing either of us boy. "I looked like I haven't grown in ages." she opened her arms, and I for one came up and hugged her, while I handed my phone to Harry.

In this house, I felt like I couldn't trust any of them, though I am quite a sucker for believing in things so easily. Its just .. this house, there' some kind of secretive unwanted vibe around us. I patted her head a little, then sat back down with the lads. We had a long talk with her, and she actually seemed nice.

She is actually a 16 year-old seeing as her mature is progressing to that of a woman's, and she knew more words than we could even understand. She uses the word 'profound' with such clear quality that I often wonder who was the oldest.

"So Ella, are we celebrating here, or do we plan performing somewhere else?" Zayn asked veening at the girl. She flinched, then nodded. "Oh yeah.." she whispered unsure of those words. "Well my mum said we'll be picked up." she lied through her teeth. Ella can be a real bad liar, and everyone else could see it.. everyone else but her.

Zayn stared at us saying he'll excuse himself to the washroom to search a little bit while she's distracted. "Ah.. Ella, do you know where the loo is.. I'm quite er.." Zayn stared away trying to act. Me and the boys rolled our eyes at the failed attempt of acting. Ah, Harry's not the worst actor in the group I thought.

Ella smiled and told Zayn that she'll lead him to the loo seeing as he knew nothing of where he was in, and he wanted to know the potential places to where Niall could be. After 30 minutes in this house, us boys were already certain that Niall is infact here. Call it a 'best-mate' intuition. We are certain that he is somewhere in this house.

While Zayn was gone, we eyed each other having an eye-2-eye conversation with each other saying how we don't believe a nic of whatever Ella is saying. It's like the ways she speaks... her voice sounded like she's hiding something.. and blah, blah, blah, blah.

About an hour passes, and Ella comes back skipping with happiness."Welcome back love." we told her with a smile. She furiously blushed and sat in the middle of me and Harry. There goes my last ounce of comfort... "So where's Zayn? He's been out an hour?" Harry asked me clearly indicating to Ella, but we needed her to confess.

She paled by the sentence and looked at her hands that were sitting silently on her lap. "W-well.." shes stuttered. "I left in the washroom.."  we nodded not believing her at all. "Well I'm worried.'" Liam stated getting up. "I'll go check up on him." "We'll join too!" Me and Harry and said in unison. Awesome, were total pro's at this!

She lead us down some halls, and Liam faked that her heard something from one door, and said that he thinks he heard Zayn. Before Ella can even stop him, Liam already yanked the door open, and inside we see Niall and Zayn quietly knocked out, tied up, and chained to some kind of metal pole attached to the floor we were in.

Before we can even come in and save them, a clicking sound got our attention, and there.. infront of us was Ella pointing a gun. "D-Don't move!" she ordered her eyes not leaving ours. Her voice wavered a bit but she kept that composed look on her face. "Now come down and none get's hurt!!" her small voice echoed through our ears.

Me, Liam, and Harry stood our ground stating that we wont stop till we surrender. How ironic of Harry getting a tattoo that matches the exact situation we were in right now. I heard a gun shot, and it hit the wall behind us. I hesitantly looked beside me and saw the punctured wall.

That was close... I sighed in relief. Within seconds, Simon and some cops came in bursting through the doors. Ella looked at us horrified, and tried to run away. Too bad the man infront of her had a tazer gun. I quickly fell to the ground faking an injury, and Harry tried comforting me.

"Lou!" he called out, but I feigned my pain We were pretty safe now, and I wanted to add some drama in the mood. "Lou--" I felt him eye me and slap me across the face with a hurt expression he bursted through the doors.

"Louis." Simon called out, and I felt a shiver ran down my spine. "Yeah?" I asked dumbly. "Are you really not dating Harry?" he asked with a frown playing on his lips. I couldn't look at Simon for a second. To tell the truth or lie.. . which one should I do I asked myself. I scratched the back of my neck and said 'Well.."


Will Louis tell the truth, or will he lie again?

Find out in the next chapter I am about to type out.

~Cam xxoxoo

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