I've come to a decision.

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Louis POV

"Well.." I scratched the back of my neck. "Yes." I stated bluntly finally relieved of the burden and ache that has been eating through me ever since I told Harry to keep our relationship a secret. Simon looked at me with a shocked expression but nodded professionally.

"But why did you guys reject it when Management asked?" Simon looked at me for confirmation. I shrugged, and explain the whole thing and why I didn't want to reveal it to the world. I felt like a complete and utter shit thinking that way. Our fans can't hate us just for being gay.. I'm sure of it.  Before Simon can say anything, I decided that the play of cat and mouse should be over and done with.

I need to find Harry, and I didn't care what Simon said.. I need to get to him. I needed his warmth.. his comfort.. his everything.

Harry POV

My legs just took me to a random spot around the forest and I 'somehow' got a bloody nosebleed. I couldn't make it stop. It just irritated me that Louis did that to me again, and make me worried all over. I wasn't angry at the lad.. I mean.. I still love him, but he can be a jerk at times.

I felt like I was walking on circles. It's funny.. it felt like Same Mistakes in a way. My relationship with him I mean. We had our ups and downs, but we still have each other and none can take away that love. None. "HAREEH! ARE YOU HERE?!?!" Louis' whimsical voice called out to me, and my pulse picked up.

An idea popped into mind as soon as I felt him get closer with those light footsteps of his. I can clearly hear him breathing hard from all the running I guess he's done. Crap. crap... why the hell does 'this' happen now? I lay down on the ground and closed my eyes waiting for Louis to arrive. "HARRY Ooomf!" he tripped on my leg.

I winced for a second, but remained still as a log. "Ow.." I heard him mumble some swears, and I rolled my eyes, then closed my eyes once again. "HOLY MO-- HARRY!" he called out on top of me. "HARRY!" he shook me furiously and I didn't move I was doing a great job until I felt something warm hit my face, and there I saw Louis crying making such an adorable face.

I quickly got up from my feet and hugged him as hard as I can making him widen his eyes in surprise. "Louis" I called out but he didn't look at me. I heard him sigh then smacked me on the face. "Twat!" he hissed while he tried getting up. "Sorry." I pouted while keeping my grip on his hand until he gave up and sat on his spot again.

"Just a nosebleed.. Plus I got you back." I chuckled and he glared at me. "J-Just don't do it again.." he stutters looking away. For a second he looked distant  but then he looked at me. "I can only live through that once Harry." he threatened quietly, and I soothed his arms making him relax a bit.

"Sorry babe." I mumbled sweetly while attempting to peck his lips while his hand blocked me from doing it. "Not yet." he pouted. I sighed and gave up slumping down the soft grass. "Lou" I said his name in barey a whisper. "Yeah?" he asked still not looking at me. "Why did you think I ran?" I asked him and he shrugged now looking at me with interest.

"You did it to me again Lou. You choose to do something stupid as to fake your own injury.. " I felt tears on my own eyes forming. "You couldn't believe how hurt I felt to see you fall down in the ground thinking that your hurt only to see you perfectly fine... It just hurted a bit you know.." I whispered looking up at the sky with tears running down my face.

Louis within seconds towered over me with a concerned yet loving gaze. "Do you mean that?" he asked lightly, and I nodded. "I've never fallen in-love wth anyone other than you Lou." I gushed while blushing and looking over to the side. Suddenly a tree looked more interesting. Louis can't even fully understand how much he's making me.. insane right now.

Louis then grabbed my face then kissed me as soft as a whisper, then added more .. love to it. Were breathless within seconds. "You idiot." he whispered in my ear, and I chuckled and said "Yeah.. But I'm 'your' idiot." I whispered cheekily with a smile forming on my face. He rolled his eyes with a chuckle, then poked my dimples as he helped me up.

He thinks I couldn't see it, but he is totally blushing like the scarlet rose I saw the other day. I felt a little smug, and kissed him without noticed. We both closed our eyes tasting each other's warm breath. I couldn't say I didn't blush by that, cause I so totally did.

"By the way... I told Simon... about us." I stopped at my tracks and I turned back to look at him with my mouth forming into a shape of an 'O' "You did?" I asked again, and he nodded. I suddenly felt proud of him. Finally we didn't have to hide our relationship, and Larry Stylinson can finally be official.

I held him close and patted his head with utmost care. "I'm proud of you Lou." I told him, and he tightened his grip on my hand. "But you know what's funny?' he asked, and I looked at him waiting for him to finish. "It wasn't hard to confess.. I mean--" I had his lips again. "Idiot, we could've done that before!" I told him, and he nodded.

We got back in the house just in time to see the girl get hancuffed and stared at us with an apologetic smile. "Sorry guys." I heard her whisper. Louis and I stared at her, and nodded muttering a 'you should learn from this mistake' she nodded and silently let herself get taken in the police car.

Paul lead us to the van with Zayn, and Niall still asleep snoring lightly. I guess old habits die hard.. "It's good that their back." I stated, and we sat beside them as both of us passed out instantly. I wonder ... can all the things that have happened to us.. be considered 'just a dream'?



Again, thank you guys for your support.. and I'll be updating at either Wednesday or Thursday... AHHH! SUMMER SCHOOL IS LIKE NEARLY OVER!!!!

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