Chapter 8

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Tara pov

" Mhm-mhmm mhmmm" I tried to scream but all is in vain, only the muffled voice could be heard. I tried to make as loud voice as I can but it was  all waste when I realised I am failing to grab those monsters attention.

I tried to move my hands and legs, but those demons tied me with this chair so tightly that I am sure, it would leave some bruises both on my hands and legs.

Why this always happens to me only..!!??

Those demons just tied me up and I cried but no one showed me a little bit of mercy on me. They are so bad. Last time when that devil prince ordered his one of the demon to tied me up, I was not alone because one of his demon was here with me all the time and also they didn't stuffed my mouth too. I was not panicked that time as I was not alone. There is no one in the basement and I am scared when I am alone and helpless.  It isn't helping me that I am completely seized.

I don't know what that devil prince wants from me. He said he kills people. Is it possible he would kill me too? No!! No!! I have to be as far away from him as possible. He might be a devil like he claims to be. May be he can produce fire, like what Vimla masi told me in her story at one time, he could just burn me and kill me.

Oh God!! No No !! I won't let myself kill. Please Save me God.

As if god was being ready to help me, a sudden idea struck my mind, making me smile from ear to ear.

I know this idea would be perfect.

I started thrashing with all my power and tried to scream  with all my energy, making the whole basement echoed with the sound of my muffled voice as well as the chair which was scratching with the floor. I continued to make sound and kept thrashing, only to let those devil prince's men came running towards me, mostly  with 'annoyed' word written all over their faces. There were two men,one was black haired and other was brown haired, and from what I can guess they must be of that devil's men.

" What are you doing bitch. !?" that black haired man snapped, making me flinched and I looked at that man.

Huh! again bitch !? Is he blind ? Can he not see I am a human? I thought confusedly.

But there was no time to ponder over it. I still don't know why people called me bitch. When I was studying in school that run under that orphanage, they once taught me  bitch is a female dog. And I'm sure I don't look like female dog.

My trance of thought broke when that angry looking man again yelled at me.

" Where are you lost! Why were you making so much of noise. Didn't we told you not to make sounds?" He glared at me with furious eyes, making me cower in fear. He is surely stong man, after looking at his bulky muscled arms.

" Mhmmm-Mhmmmm. mhhmmm" I again started making muffled voice as loud as I could, this time making them freeing my mouth from that piece of cloth.

" For god sake girl!! don't scream or you'll just face the consequences." That man threatened.

I pursed my lips in a thin line and looked at him along with the other man with my best puppy eyes.

" I want to use bathroom." I said softly without stuttering, and for once I feeled proud of myself.

Let them believe me God!! Please let them believe me.!! I prayed in my mind.

" But boss said you can't go anywhere." He said blankly with a cold expression.

" Please, please I want to use bathroom. Do you want me to wet your chair?" I asked and warned him too. His eyes twitched with annoyance and so did the others. I gave my puppy look to all both of them so that they could agree with me. I just want to free myself from this restrain.

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