Finale Edition

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Alura: Hi, it's nice to meet you Lena. Kara has said so much about you.

Lena: All good things I hope?

Alura: Wonderful actually. I'm glad our family will be expanding soon.

Kara: *gay panicking* Mom you weren't supposed to say anything!!!


James: I'm gonna miss you man. It's been an honor. Want to come over and watch the game before you leave tomorrow?

Winn: Yeah, sure. Will there be cuddling?

James: Of course. But no homo, right?

Winn: No homo. Just two best buds!


Alex: Hey Sam! I was wondering if you wanted to get a drink at the bar downtown. You know, it's kinda been a stressful day and everything.

Sam: I'm sorry Alex but I can't really leave Ruby alone.

Ruby: I'm fine mom! Go get your girl!


Brainy: I'm sensing high romantic and sexual tension between these two. *pointing at Kara and Mon-El*

Brainy: Sorry Mon-El, can you move? My scanners are having a hard time reaching Lena.


*James and Lena having a glass of wine together*

Lena: I'm so proud of you for coming out as Guardian. I know it was a tough thing to do.

James: It was but it was time. I had to show everyone who I really am and hopefully inspire others to not be afraid of possible judgement.

Lena: You're right. Maybe I'll be telling the world about my relationship with Kara next week.

James: What???

Lena: *chokes on wine* What?

James: .....

Lena: I said maybe I'll tell the world about being best friends with Kara next week. You know, everyone's so interested in my life and who my close friends are.

James: That was not what you said!

Lena: Ugh. You're right. I'm screwed.

Kara peeks out from behind the door: Was that a request?


Kara: I came to the realization that Argo City isn't my home anymore. National City is, Len-Earth is and it's my mission to protect it.


Mon-El: Really man? We're just trying to have a moment. Is that too much to ask for?!

Lena: You can leave now. Thank you for dropping by but all this Earth needs is Kara and I so...

Mon-El: I'm not even trying to get with her anymore!

James sitting in the background eating popcorn: This is too good.

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