Chapter 33

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Ariana's POV

I groaned into the pillow. Why did I even agree to go with Emma. I tried to block out the sunlight but in vain. Memories from last night flushed in and I instantly sat up.

Bad idea

My hands flew up to my head. God, my head hurts. I remember leaving with Aidan last night. I looked around the familiar room, it wasn't Aidan's room, but Xavier's.

When did I come here?

My eyes darted to the door as it opened. Xavier strolled in with a glass of water and medicine. He passed me the water and medicine with a frown.

What's his problem? I decided to figure that out later. I swallowed the pills and chugged down the water in one gulp because my throat felt like desert at the moment.

I kept the glass on the night stand and looked at Xavier. The frown was still plastered on his face

"So.. erm" I started

"Don't!"I flinched at his loud voice. His eyes softened a bit. I heard him sigh before he continued, "Look, we'll talk about this when you are not hungover"

"I'm fine" I argued

"Go take a shower and then we'll talk" he turned to leave

"What's problem with talking now? I feel perfectly fine" The last bit was a lie. My head felt like it was going to explode

"You reek of alcohol and barf" he scrunched his nose in disgust. I looked down at my clothes and saw that I was in one of Xavier's shirt.


"I didn't look, I turned the lights off" He spoke in a soft voice before he left. Deciding that he was right, I debated whether to take a shower here or in my room. Pros and cons of showering in Xavier's room ran through my head.

I wouldn't have to leave the room in only Xavier's shirt and my underwear and risk any chances of Alex or someone might seeing me almost half naked. Besides, Xavier's shampoo smelled great. Rolling off the bed, I made my way to the bathroom.

After a long, warm shower, I was dressed in one of Xavier's shirt I found in his closet. It ended almost till my knees so there was no need to wear any pants. Not that I had any at the moment. The underwear I wore last night was still on but covered by the baggy shirt.

My stomach growled loudly as I made my way to the kitchen. I didn't eat for more than 12 hours. My eyes fell on a shirtless Xavier as he flipped pancakes. His sweatpants hung low and the water glistened on his back.

My mouth watered at the sight... At the sight of pancakes and not a shirtless Xavier. Maybe a little.

He turned and blessed me with a full view of his chest. The water dripped from his hair down to his neck and to his chest which then disappeared under his V-line. My eyes followed every moment until I realised what I was doing.

I instantly looked at Xavier and found him already gazing at me with a smug face. My body heated up and I looked down, fiddling with the hem of Xavier's shirt. I heard shuffling but I was too afraid to look up; Xavier saw me gawking at him.

Way to embarrass yourself, Ari

I felt a hand on my chin, Xavier's hand to be exact, making me look at him. Our proximity made my heart beat much faster than it already was.

He ducked his head in the crook on my neck, before running his nose from my neck to my earlobe and bit lightly. I was too paralysed to do anything; to stop him.

A part of me wanted this, maybe the reason why I made no effort to stop him

"Take a picture, it'll last longer" He breathed out before pulling away. I stood there dumbfounded.

He played me!

I heard him chuckle at my expression. I thought it was not possible to blush more but man was I wrong. My cheeks flushed at his act

I'll show him how it's done. Just you wait, Xavier Knight

"What did you want to talk about?" I composed myself.

His eyes instantly hardened "Do you have any idea what could've happened last night if it wasn't for Aidan?!" He raised his voice

"I-I uh.. I didn't mean to d-drink" I stuttered

"Are you out of your fucking mind?!" he yelled, tapping a finger on his temple. "Do you have any idea what could've happened?! You could've been taken an advantage of, you could've been raped and murdered!"

"I-Emma f-forced me. She-she left me to dance and-and the past and my parents and you and e-everything came to my mind and--and I had to forget it and I- I drank" I ranted. "B-but  I swear I didn't mean to drink!" I said quickly, trying not to make him more angry.

why is he even mad?

"Emma!" He sighed, closing his eyes and running a hand through his hair, almost pulling it out

"I am sorry" Why am I even apologising?

He looked at me and sighed again. He stood in front of me and cupped my left cheek. I leaned into his hand as he caressed my cheek lightly, closing my eyes. His hands are so soft.

"You don't need to apologise, just-just be more car-WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!"

I instantly opened my eyes and looked at Xavier. He had a scary expression plastered on his face, his eyes hard; he was angry. But why? I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, why is he angry now?

He moved my hair to one side and glared my neck, before looking me in the eyes

"What the fuck is this?" He said in a calm, yet dangerous voice.

"What?" I asked

"I fucking gave you one hickey last night and you end up with three?! EXPLAIN!"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about, I didn't even you-Wait! YOU GAVE ME A HICKEY?!" I shrieked

"One! Not three!" he was getting angrier, if that was even possible

"I swear I don't remember anything!" I tried to explain

"I am going to kill that motherfucker! You. Are. Fucking. Mine. Mine to kiss, mine to hug, mine to look, mine to make love!"

With that, he pressed his lips to mine.

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