Chapter 1

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Hey guyyys. So I decided to write another story. Um yeah. And also, what happened in "spiderman homecoming" happened to Peter a year ago. And infinity war never happened.

Alissa Stark is awaken by a loud beep of her voicemail on the side table. She suddenly hears her father, Tony Stark, which makes her sit up.

Hey honey, I have called you a couple of times. I'm arriving tonight. So wake up and go to school!

The young Stark smiled and got up from the bed. She was living at the avengers facility since her dad was out of town and He does not trust her being alone. Alissa texts her father back and goes to the kitchen where she sees Thor attempting to make pancakes.
"Good morning human. I'm making breakfast for you" he smiles and hides his brunt pancake.
Alissa chuckles and help him.
"It's like I'm babysitting you guys" she says scraping the brunt pancake of the pan.
She liked being around the avengers, they had become somewhat of a family to her since her Dad wasn't always around. She basically lived here, had her own room and everything.
"Hey Liss, last time I checked Thor was making the pancakes" she hears Nat behind her.
"Well he might be a god but he can't cook" Alissa laughed and finished off the last pancake.
The all three of them have breakfast together talking about Thor and Asgard. (She always found his stories so entertaining) after that Alissa enters her room and picks out an outfit. Ripped black jeans and a cropped hoodie. Alissa Stark wasn't the girliest and she wasn't a snob because she was a Stark, which made people like and respect her.
After putting the clothes on and fixing her hair she went outside and ordered a cab. Yes the daughter of the multi millionaire takes cabs. Even tho she could easily take a limousine or a helicopter to school, she didn't.

Peter Parker
Peter woke up by the annoying sound of his alarm. He groaned and woke up. Whilst walking out of bed, he tripped over something and fell. His eyes finally open and he realizes he had put his spider-man suit on the floor. He quickly tucks it in his backpack. His aunt May knew about his secret, but he was always scared that somebody could somehow see his costume, even in his own home. Peter walked out to the kitchen and poured some cereal.
"Good morning Peter, I'm running late but don't forget to lock the door. Bye love you" his aunt says in a hurry before rushing out the door.
"Love you too" he says although she had already ran off.
After finishing his cereal he walked back to his room and put on some clothes:

After finishing his cereal he walked back to his room and put on some clothes:

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He grabbed his backpack and headed out, making sure he locked the door.
He arrived at school and walked the hallways. He could hear some people whispering and calling him weird names. He simply just ignored it as he was used to it. Peter walked to his locker and started taking some of his books out, suddenly a lego guy started to talk to him beside him. He turned around and saw Ned, his best friend. Only his aunt and his best friend, Ned, knew that he had superhuman powers. After Peter's uncles tragic death, the young teenager decided he wanted to do something good in this world.
"Hey bro" Ned says and they do they're little handshake. Ned started talking about legos or something, But Peters mind was somewhere else. He spotted Alissa Stark walking down the hallway with her friends, laughing. Alissa didn't know about his spider senses, even tho her father was the one who gave him the suit. She looks so beautiful with her long brown hair and her dreamy hazel eyes.
"See you at lunch Ned" peter says goodbye to Ned and walks to English. He was the first in there, as usual. He sat down and started reading a book. After awhile the bell rang and more student started coming through the door.
"We're gonna start on a group project" the teacher said enthusiastically. The whole classroom was not as excited, especially Peter. He hated group project since he was so bad at socializing.
"So you'll be paired two by two and I'm gonna decide your partner" the teacher said and started calling off the pairs.
"...Stark with Parker"
Peters eyes turned to Alissa. He saw her grab her books and started walking towards him. His heart started beating a little faster. She sat next to him.
"Hey, Im Alissa" she smiled.
"H hey, im..p...Peter"

Alissas Pov
"H hey, im..p...Peter" he says, he sounded nervous. Allthough he was wierd, she found his awkwardness adorable. They didnt talk much since the teacher was explaning the instructions and we have to write it all down. The bell rang once again and the class was over.
"This is due Wednesday!" The teacher said before everybody walked out. It was friday today.
"Hey Peter, since this is due on wednesday and I have this thing on Monday with my dad so I can't come to school, maybe you could come over on the weekend and we can work on the project?" Alissa asks, for some reason she was a little nervous.
"Uh..yeah..s sure, let me save your number" He says. Peter was blushing like crazy.
Peter handed over his phone to Alissa, she took it. She felt her body shiver when she touched his hand. Alissa saved her number on his phone.
"Well, see you soon Parker" she smiled at him and left. Peter was left stunned that he just got Alissa Starks number.

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