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we sat in some diner with all the ducks, and i have to admit, an entire hockey team in a small place is very suffocating. i sat next to danny, my arm looped through his, because he gets kind of nervous when a lot of people are talking at once. though, i couldn't blame him, i could see how this could all be very overwhelming.

the ducks captain smiled at us, deciding it would be a good time for introductions,"okay, well i'm charlie conway, this is adam banks, greg goldberg, connie moreau, les averman, jesse hall, guy germaine, and fulton reed."

i smiled politely,"nice to meet you guys."

everyone continued with their side conversations, getting to know each other.

connie looked to danny and i, noticing our intertwined arms,"so have you guys known each other for a long time? you seem close."

danny nodded, smiling down at me,"oh yeah, we go way back. we've been each other's best friend since we were like two."

"aww that's so cute!" she gushed, leaning over the table to keep the small talk,"so, how long have you been playing hockey?"

her boyfriend, guy, seemed to keep to himself besides the occasional comment. which i respected. at least he didn't talk too much, no one was a fan of that.

i looked up at the ceiling trying to collect all my thoughts,"since about age eight peewees. before that i did figure skating. and then i quit at like ten to do more figure skating and then i quit that at twelve to play more hockey."

realizing my indecisiveness, i stared down at the table, wondering why i couldn't have just picked a lane. it was kind of comical though, how i couldn't seem to make up my mind.

"well, glad you decided to join us." connie smiled in amusement.

i laughed and nodded as danny flipped the script,"what about you? when did you start playing?"

i tried to listen to her response, but i couldn't seem to focus. this practice had drained me, i wasn't used to being roped around for three hours.

i felt julie lean towards me and turned to hear what she had to say,"hey, i know we're not really friends or anything yet, but that adam guy? rotally staring at you."

i smiled in amusement, glad that she had given me that information,"thanks, julie. feel free to tell me shit like that anytime."

sh laughed and turned back to arguing with goldberg about some kind of goalie thing, i don't know.

i looked over at adam, and when our eyes met, he immediately looked down to the table. i knew i had caught him.

i looked him up and down before turning back to danny and listening to his conversation.

like everybody else in tibbles' office, i was wondering what was under the giant sheet he stood beside. i sat on top of his desk, resisting the urge to play with the newton's cradle that laid so close to my hands.

danny, who was standing next to me, turned to question,"what do you think is under that sheet?"

i popped my gum, tilting my head to get a better look,"our dead bodies."

danny shot me a confused look,"what's wrong with you?"

i chuckled and turned my attention to the front of the room.

tibbles ripped the sheet off to reveal team usa on a wheaties box. i raised my eyebrows in surprise, wondering how i actually managed to look good in that picture. it must have been photoshopped, because even i knew my jawline has never been that defined.

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