Chapter 3

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Alissa and Peter played and laughed. But at last he finally got the web around her waist, causing her to fall over. Since the web was still connected to his hand, Peter fell. Over her.
"Omg I'm so sorry" Peter said, trying to get the web off her.
"It's okay dork" she laughed. Peter smiled at her. No matter what, she was always laughing and smiling. That's what Peter liked most about her.

Thor's POV
"Aren't they cute?" Natasha asked once they went to Alissa's room.
"If Tony would be here, he would kick you right now" Steve said.
"I'm gonna make food for the teenage humans" Thor said standing up and going to the kitchen. He had been attempting the make food for the past week. He was getting better. .. and by getting better, the food started to be less burnt. He made some cookies, from a packet. And poured some juice.
"Natasha look!!" Thor almost shouted, so proud of himself. Natasha rolled her eyes at him. He went to Alissa's room. He opened the door without knocking.

Peters POV
Suddenly the door opened and Thor came in with cookies and juice. And there he was, laying over Alissa.
"Oh" Thor said.
"Um have you heard of Knocking? Maybe they don't do it in Asgard!" Alissa shouted at him. Peter finally got the web off and they both quickly stand up.
Thor was smirking at Alissa.
"Ok ok, thanks and get out now!" Alissa pushed Thor out.
"Well that was awkward" she says closing the door.
They finally started their project, it was easy. And Peter was really smart so it didn't take long. The project was to write an essay and do a poster kind of. Alissa drew whilst Peter was writing on the computer. They really did work good together.
The time was around 3 when they were done. Peter was at the front door.
"I had fun Peter" Alissa smiles at him.
"Me too. Im still better at you at fighting tho" he teased before walking away.
"SURE PARKER! You can always dream!" Alissa shouted at him. He laughed and walked away. She closed the door and Thor was standing right behind her.
"God you scared me!" She said. They both laughed since she used the word "god"
"Well tell me!" He said.
"Tell you what?" Alissa's walked past him, her cheeks were red. She knew exactly what he was talking about.
"Um tell me what I saw in the room" Thor said.
"What? What did you see? I have no idea what you are talking about" Alissa said embarrassed.
"Well, I came in and saw that boy laying over you" Thor said.
"What?" They both turn away to see her father, Tony Stark.
"Um.. dad! Hey. Thor is just being weird. Peter was helping me with...the project!" Alissa said, whilst giving Thor a death look.
"Oh okay. Thor stop being weird about it" Tony says. Alissa chuckles.

Peters POV
Peter just came home from Alissa's. He had a really good time. When he enters the room, his best friend Ned was already there.
"Hey Pete. How'd it go with Alissa?" He smirked.
"It went fine" he says and sat next to him.

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