Chapter 4

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It was the next day. Peter was being friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, he helped an old lady, stopped some robbers and other small stuff.
It was about 10pm and he went to bed. But somehow he couldn't sleep. The more he twisted and turned around, he just couldn't sleep. Suddenly his phone started ringing. Alissa was trying to FaceTime him. The time was 3am. He fixed his hair quickly and answered.
"Hey Peter, did I wake you up?" she asked. She was in bed, but she was wide awake.
"Hey Alissa, no. I couldn't sleep either" Peter smiled. He was confused of why she had called him.
"I don't know why I called you. I'm really bored" she says.
"Well we can be bored together" he smiled. Alissa laughed. Suddenly Peter got an idea.
"Hey, um I have to go" he said quickly and ended the call. He felt a little bad, cutting the call. But he quickly got up and put his spider-man costume on.

Alissa's POV
He just ended the call so suddenly. Alissa sighed and out her phone down. After about 10 mins she heard a knock on her window. She got scared and slowly approached the window, only to seeing a big smiling dork. She opened the window and he got in.
"Peter, what..what are you doing here?" She laughed. Alissa realized she was in her pJ's but she didn't care. She knew Peter wouldn't judge her.
"Come" he said.
"Where?" She asked confused.
"Just come with me" he smiled. He went out the window, there was a roof and he was standing there. Alissa climbed on the roof and stood there. The sun was had started to show, here was a breeze. It was beautiful.
"Do you trust me?" He asked, he put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer.
"Wait Peter, I'm scared of heights-
"Do you trust me?" He asked once again.
She went quite for a few seconds.
"Yes. Yes I do Peter Parker" she said. Peter smiled and held her tighter. He then webbed to something and then they flew.

Peters POV
Just don't drop her. Whatever you do, do not drop Tonys Stark's daughter.
"Open you eyes!" He said, noticing she was scared. She finally opened her eyes and she laughed.
"This is amazing!" She squealed and rested her head on his chest. Peter started blushing, she could probably hear how fast his heart was beating. After a few minutes, he arrived at the final destination.
"What are we doing in an amusement park at 3am? It's closed" she was so cute when she was confused, Peter thought.
"Exactly" He said. Alissa finally caught on.
It was a date.
Peter and Alissa flew to a Ferris wheel and sat at the top.
"This is so beautiful, thanks Peter" she said.
Peter looked at her. She was so pretty. No, she was gorgeous. The breeze was hitting her hair perfectly. Her smile could literally light up the whole world. He had never felt this way about anyone before. 
"Liss, I really like spending time with you" Peter had the guts to say.
"I really like spending time with you too" she said. She sat down. Peter looked straight into her eyes. Is everything perfect about her? Peter thought when she saw this greens eyes. Their faces were only inches away. Peter leaned in and just as he was about to feel her lips, someone shouted at them.
"Why are they people up there?? Hello!" There was a person working there. Peter quickly put on his mask, even tho the old man couldn't see his face because of the dark. He grabbed Alissa and quickly "flew" from there.
"Hahaha, where are we going?" Alissa was laughing so hard.
"I don't know, out of here!" He says.
"I'm cold" She says after awhile.
"Okay" He says and he started flying home, his home because it was closest. They arrived and the window was already open. He carefully let Alissa cling in first. He found an hoodie in his closet and gave it to her.
"Here" He says.
"Thanks, oh god is it 5am? I should get home" she says. Peter nodded.

Alissa's POV
He flew her back home, and he was currently on the roof. He was just leaving but they couldn't stop talking.
"Wait you fought your crushes dad and put him to jail? That must've been awkward" Alissa laughed.
"Yeah trust me, I had to ditch her on homecoming" he laughed.
"Okay, well I really should go now" he said.
"Bye Spider-Man" Alissa said closing the window. She watched him leave. She smiled to herself. That was the best night of her life.

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