Chapter 6

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Alissa's POV
*an hour before Peter woke up*
She sunk in the plastic chair with her eyes swollen from crying. She was wearing his hoodie he had given her. It smelled like him. A guy she liked had just risked his life to save her. She saw his aunt May rushing to the hospital. Alissa thought that she would be angry at her, but instead she just hugged her. May went to get some coffee. Her dad was talking to the nurse.
It's all my fault
"You Okay peanut?" She heard Nat say. She was so busy thinking that she hadn't noticed she was here.
"I don't know. I'm just worried" Alissa said, wiping her tears.
"You like him a lot don't you" Natasha asked calmly, Alissa laid her head on her shoulder.
"Yeah" She answered, admitting to herself. She did indeed have feelings for Peter Parker.
"Hey when are you gonna tell me about what you guys did last night" Natasha asked.
Alissa wasn't gonna tell anybody, but she was eager to. It was just so romantic and nice of him.
"Well. I couldn't sleep, so I called him. And he couldn't sleep either. And then he just came to my window all of sudden. And then he took me to this amusement park at like 3am. It was closed and that was the point. So we sat at a Ferris wheel and..well yeah" Alissa shortly explained everything. She didn't tell her about the kiss, well almost-kiss. It was just something private.
"Wow, That was very...romantic" Natasha answered surprise. She didn't think Peter was that kind of guy.
"Promise you won't tell anyone!" Alissa said.
"I promise" Natasha smiled.

~ skip back to when she told the nurse and cane back to the room~
"Dad have you told him?" The young Stark asked when she got in. Alissa meant Hydra.
"Yeah I just did" Her dad answered.
"Wait does this mean I get to be on this mission? Please Mr.Stark" Peter asked excited. Alissa giggled at his cuteness.
"Yes. Since you saved my daughter. I think you have the right to help me. And I could use some help too. You are good" Tony answered.
"Did I just hear Tony Stark compliment someone??" Alissa said laughing. Peter laughed too.
"Oh shut up. Well I have to make a phone call to cancel the meeting tomorrow" He said and exited the room.
"Peter, thanks. For you know saving my life" Alissa said once her father was out of the room. Peter smiled and took her hand. He wiped a tear from her cheek, she hadn't even noticed she was crying. again.
"Anything for you Ms.Stark" he answered smiling. Alissa smiled too.
"You can leave today,but you'll get a pair of crutches for like 2 days" Alissa said. She was still holding Peters hand.

~skip a couple of days~
"What do you mean surprise?" Alissa asked curious to her father. She followed him down to his lab.
"Surprise!" He said holding up
"A watch?" Alissa asked confused. She was thankful, it was just she didn't use watches.
"Do you think I seriously bought you a normal watch. Here, put it on" Alissa put on the watch.
"Good evening Ms.Stark" the watch answered.
"Did you make me my own Ai?? Omg Thanks dad!" Alissa jumped in his arms. He laughed.
"It's just like Jarvis. What would you like to name it?
"Umm...Davis" Alissa answered. It was the first name that popped not her head.
"I figured since your gonna be on this mission, you could have your own Ai" Her dad said, he was satisfied that his daughter liked it.

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