Chapter 8

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It was the day of the mission. Peter was nervous, what if he failed? Will the avengers don't let him in after? What if-
"Hey Peter, we're about to leave" Alissa came in his room, interrupting his thoughts.
"Sorry i didn't knock" she said embarrassed.
"It's fine" Peter smiled and they both went to the car. Peter was dressed as he was going to a party. Formal clothes yet causal. He had his costume underneath.
"You ready kid?" Tony asked. Peter nodded and he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Steve.
"Right lets go over the plan" he said.
"I'll go in to the party. Pretending to have fun, and then I'll try to find an agent. And then get information. If the boss is there, you guys come in" Peter said nervously, hoping he didn't forget something. He looked at Alissa, she was behind Tony and Steve, she was smiling and giving him a thumbs up.
"Good. Let's go" Sam said and opens the door to the car.

They parked their cars on the backside, where all of the avengers also stood, if they had to come in. Peter nervously walked in. They were 4 guard at the front door.
Since Peter was underage, Tony made him a fake ID. He showed him the ID and the guard nodded. Peter took a deep breath and walked in. It was goin alright so far, he thought.
"I'm in" he said quickly to the Bluetooth headset.
"Good job Pete" He heard Alissa. Peter went to the bar and order a drink, trying to fit in. It was a lot of people there. But he did spot some people looking specious.
"They are agents but they're dressed as normal people. One girl and 3 guys" Pete said quietly.
"Ok, go the girl and pretend your into her" Natasha spoke.
He walked past the people and spotted her. She was wearing a black dress.
"Hey, party's pretty lit" Peter said and stood next to her.
"Yeah" she replied. She seemed so familiar. And Peter recognized her a little bit.
"So you wanna dance or something?" Peter said. She shook her head no, but Peter grabbed her hand and started dancing. She laughed like she was having a good time.
"Hey listen, do you wanna go somewhere quite" Peter asked smiling. She looked at a guy, that looked like an agent too. But after a few seconds she replied "sure why not" she smiled. They walked into a room and Peter closed the door. He quickly webbed her feet and she fell down.
"Tell me who your working for?" He asked.
"Oh Peter, you know I always knew you were Spider-Man" she said and quickly took a knife from her pocket and cut the web. Peter did recognize her, it was his neighbor. But she used to have a red wig and glasses on. Her name was Sarah.
"Oh honey, that's just my fake name. Pepper Potts works better"

(Just a FYI, I have nothing against Pepper, I just didn't have anyone else to choose from lol)

"Pepper Potts, you are supposed to be dead?" Peter asked confused.
"You aren't the only one who can hide their identity. And you were wondering who my boss was. Well surprise, it's me" she said and quickly went to stab him in the stomach, but Peter quickly moved and webbed her knife. That's when about 20 men came into the room with guns. Peter being quick, ran to the main room. People started running of the gunshots.
"Um guys, come in. Now" Peter spoke to the avengers. He was good, but they were too many of them. He caught about five of them but he was close way to many time of getting shot.

Alissa's POV
Everybody was shocked to her that name. Pepper Potts was her mother. She died when Alissa was only one, well that's what everybody thought.
"Dad this cant be true?" Alissa asked her father, who was more chocked than her. He ignored her question and told everybody to come in. They all walked in and saw what was going on. Natasha, Sam and Alissa went after the men. Whilst Scott, Steve and Tony tried to run after Pepper since she was running away. They had high tech guns, like they were made to kill the avengers. A guy came up to Alissa and shot, he missed and Alissa kicked him and the gun flew. She caught the gun and shot him on the leg. She didn't wanna kill anybody.

Peters POV
Soon enough, all of the guys were down. Tony, Steve and Scott came running in.
"We missed her" they said.

The car ride home was quite. Alissa sat next to Peter. He wanted to hug her, but Tony was right beside. He couldn't imagine what they were going through right now. But they were Starks, meaning they never showed their feelings. They got home and Tony called for a meeting tomorrow. It was about midnight so everybody went to bed. Peter knocked at Alissa's door. She opened with tears in her eyes and let him in. Peter hated seeing her like that. Without saying a word, he just hugged her. She sobbed into his chest.
"I'm sorry" he said.
"It's okay" she said, letting go of their long hug.
"It's just. I..thought she was dead. I had to live 15 years without her. Growing up I was always jealous of my friends. But she was alive the whole time, and not only that. She was a hydra agent. She pretended to love my dad" she said and cried even more. Peter nodded and pulled her in again.

Alissa's POV
She wasn't good with feelings. Whenever she was down or sad, she didn't say anything to anyone. But Peter made her feel so safe. It was nice being in his arms. He actually listened and cared. She let go of him.
"I'm sorry. I'm such a mess" she said and wiped her tears and flopped down on the bed.
"Don't be. You don't have to be strong all the time" he said and sat next to her. She smiled at him. Alissa looked right into his brown puppy dog eyes. He looked right into hers and they both leaned in. Alissa's lips brushed into his. She felt fireworks in her stomach. His lips were so soft. What felt like hours, but really just seconds. They both let go.
"Wow" He said, speechless.
"Wow" she replied back. Suddenly his phone started ringing. They were almost interrupted again.
"I'm so sorry, it's May and if I don't answer she'll freak out" He apologizes and answered the call.
"Hey May, Yeah..I'm fine. No it went okay. Yeah..yeah I know. Okay I'll be home soon..yes I'll be careful May...Okay..goodnight love you"

Alissa smiled, she always loved how close the two of them were.
"Sorry. She's just so worried" he said after ending the call. Alissa nodded as a reply.
"Um I should, probably go to bed" he said stammering like usual. Alissa didn't wanted him to leave.
"Yeah" he looked at her before exiting the room.
"Can you...please stay the night? I don't wanna be alone" Alissa answered and wiped another tear. He smiled like he was waiting for her to say that.
"Sure" He said.
They both went to bed, Peter has his arms around her and Alissa Stark had never felt so safe before.

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