Chapter 21: A few words

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"We are all the pieces of what we remember.
We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears
of those who love us.
As long as there is love and memory,
there is no true loss.

Cassandra Clare, City of Heavenly Fire

It only took a few seconds for her to follow everyone to the peaceful sleep, exhausted as she was.

The last thought she had was that she really needed to found a way to stop making everyone sneak out on her.

It was starting to become a problem.

 "Down!" Lily shouted as she saw a huge shadow arriving fast from behind

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"Down!" Lily shouted as she saw a huge shadow arriving fast from behind.

Erebos immediately closed his wings and headed downward, making a big somersault in the air. In the same moment a huge flame passed exactly in the place they were a second before, almost catching the end of her dragon's tail.

"He is crazy!" he shouted in her head as he returned straight, narrowly missing a spear launched from the ground with a leap on his right.

"I know!" she shouted back and looked behind in worry. With sweats pouring down her face and the loose hairs hitting her face that had escaped the helmet, it was hard to see if there was anything besides the sea of menacing dark clouds.

The director and his dragon had disappeared like ghosts inside them as silently as they came, while from the ground below the daemons had once again hidden under the cover of the trees.

"This training is madness!" shouted Emma on top of Estia, approaching them.

Like her, the read girl was sporting tons of little bruises and cuts on her face and under the suit probably tons more. For the two weeks they had been here, every single day they had trained without stop at almost every hour and under every type of weather, never stopping even if they felt their limbs couldn't hold them any more.

Every morning they would get up at sunrise and met with Alyce and Ian for their training in magic, something that was proceeding really slow. All of them had in fact only learned to call their magic in their hands for only a few minutes before collapsing exhausted on the grass.

Then, just after lunch, they would train without stops until dinner with the director, occasionally also with Cheveyo and Enapay, the two commanders that usually followed Talutah around because, as they said, it really pained them to see "someone fights so bad that it almost hurt their poor eyes".

In the end they were as crazy as the director, if not more, making them fight with only a knife when they had big swords and axes for all possible situations on the field.

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