Chapter Twenty-eight

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The threat plays on repeat in my head. I just can't tell if he is fibbing or not. It may be just to scare me or it may be true. The scary thing is he knows where I live. He knows where I sleep.

"Maybe I should just sign it over to him. I don't want anyone to get hurt including you." I make eye contact with Spencer once again.

"We can't give him what he wants. I say we draw up a contract. You can sign it over to me while everything cools down." Spencer says.

"Spencer is right. We can't let him destroy the company my father built. We owe him that much." Tristan whispers the last part before smiling at us.

Spencer immediately gets on his phone and dials a number. He excuses himself from the room and heads to his bedroom.

"What is going on between you two?" Tristan questions.

"I honestly don't know," I answer truthfully.

A moment of awkward silence goes by. "Just be careful."

"I will."

Spencer comes back into the room with a smile. I guess everything went well with his call.

"What did he say?" Tristan asks.

"Who?" I question.

"The lawyer," Tristan explains.

"He told me he can get something typed up by morning. He will then email me." Spencer lets out a sigh of relief. "But, in the meantime, you need to stay somewhere. Not your house."

"Where do you suggest," I whisper. Oh, god. I 'm flirting with him.

"Liam's or Tori. Somewhere you haven't been in a while."

"Okay," I respond and get up and head towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Spencer asks.

"I'm going to head to Liam's house," I say.

"I'll drive you." Spencer gets up and starts to walk over.

"No need. I have my car." I say before walking out of his apartment door.


I take out the key that Liam gave me for his house. We both exchange these when we were freshly engaged. He normally knocks before unlocking my door, but I, on the other hand, do not. I normally just walk in and surprise him.

The door opens smoothly without a sound as I walk in. I take off my shoes like I normally do. Then I hear it. A girl's voice. Not just any girl's voice, but Tori's voice. Why on earth would she be here of all places?

I follow the sounds until I am in his bedroom. All eyes fall on me as I enter. Tori is the first person I see as she is the closest. Her makeup is smeared around her tear stained eyes. She was crying.

I then through a questionable look at Liam. I want answers. Then I realized something. I am jealous. Jealous that she is in such a closed-off space with him. Jealous that he is with her not me. Why should I be Jealous if I am doing the same thing to him? I am with Spencer all the time not him. I kissed Spencer and Liam would never kiss Tori, would he? This is all messing with my mind.

"Brooklyn." Tori gasps before running out the door.

My eyes turn to Liam whose black hair is by the looks of it wet. Next thing I know he is out of the room chasing her. Chasing her. Not staying here to explain, but chasing after my best friend. Shouldn't I be the one to do that?

I follow after their trail only to find them both outside. They seem to be having a heated conversation before they hug. My eyes shoot lasers at the sight. I feel terrible at the thought that I do this to him. I did worse with Spencer then this. Hugging was considered a first-grade act to the things we have done. Regret pulses through me.

It's not too long before Liam joins me inside. I moved back to his bedroom and am currently laying on the bed face the wall. The bed sinks in and Liam's body is pressed against mine as he spoons me.

"Isn't this a sweet surprise." Liam begins to trail kisses down my neck.

I stiffen as his lips meet my color bone. We've never done anything, but kiss and to be honest I'm not ready to take that next step with him. Do I love him? Yes, but the only person I have had sex with was Spencer.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asks as he leans forward to face me.

I stay silent and shifts to sit up in front of me. "What did I do?" He sighs.

"Why was she in here with you?" I question.

"Who, Tori?" Liam replies in a defensive tone.

"Oh, was there another girl in here too?" I sit up and mirror his poster.

"There's no need to get defensive about it. She just needed someone to talk too after she said you weren't at your house." Liam responds politely.

"I don't understand why she would come to you of all people," I mumble.

"She is scared, Brooklyn." He reasons.

"I don't understand why!" I yell.

"Because she is pregnant. She is scared because she is pregnant, Brooklyn." My eyes go wide at his sentence.

How could she be pregnant? This explains why she threw up at my house a few days ago. What if she knew that day? Who didn't she just talk to me then? Why would she go to Liam? All these questions roll through my head as I lay back down in disbelief.

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