trinidad and tobago

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while i wasn't completely sure that tie-dye jerseys were the way to go, i did respect the originality from the trinidad and tobago team. we were about to start our first game against them, and i'll admit, i was nervous.

"get a load of these guys." averman laughed, gesturing to the other team.

i rolled my eyes, feeling like averman was the last person who should be attacking someone else's physical appearance,"averman shut up, they literally look better than you."

he put a hand over his chest and scoffed,"fine scar, i'll just go talk to my other friends."

he put his head up and looked away from my direction.

i laughed,"yeah, like who?"

he evaluated my words, eventually sighing and turning back to me.

"i guess you're right." he pouted.

i put a hand on my heart, pushing out my bottom lip,"aww, les i've missed you, since our time apart."

he nodded solemnly,"me too."

"hey," coach called out,"tweedle dee and tweedle dumb, the games starting. scar go to center."

i saluted him obnoxiously and went to take center.

on my left was connie and on my right was jesse. the ref blew the whistle and i immediately stole the puck, speeding off to the goal.

i swiftly slid it in and scored a point.

dean beamed, holding out his hand for me to high five,"hell yeah! that's what I'm talkin' about, babe!"

i high fived him, but something still felt off about the pet name,"don't call me babe."

i returned back to my position. when we started, i passed the puck to Connie and let everyone else do the work.

after some more time in the rink, bombay yelled,"gilinksy switch up!"

i nodded as i skated over and hopped in the box.

i took a seat next to charlie, who flashed me quick grin.

"nice shot."

i smiled,"thank you, sir."

"scarlett!" i heard someone call out from the stands.

a confused look etched my face as i tried to figure out who had said my name. my eyes eventually landed on justin.

i glanced at charlie wearily, but tried to mask my concern with a smile,"oh, hey! what are you doing here?"

"yeah, what are you doing here?" adam narrowed his eyes.

justin held up his hands in surrender,"i'm just here to support my fellow usa team," he smirked at my friends,"how's it going, banksie? spazway?"

i raised my eyebrows and looked at the boys sitting next to me, wondering what they had to say about his presence.

"great. worse, now that you're here." charlie remarked.

i chuckled,"good one, char."

adam rolled his eyes,"justin, just get outta here man."

"yeah, i'll go," he stated, his eyes locking on me,"if scarlett wants me to go."

i frowned, looking between my teammates. i didn't like the game justin was playing,"uh, look if adam and charlie want you out... they're my team. sorry, justin. maybe later."

justin nodded, standing up,"i respect that. i'll see you around."

adam eyed me suspiciously,"maybe later?"

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