Kisses, kisses, and more kisses

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Harry POV

"UGH!" I grunted feeling sore all-over. Louis was beside me, and did not even flinch. It looks as if he was too preoccupied to even pay attention to the things happening all-around him. His smile was so bright that it lit up his whole face. I can ignore the light snores, because right here and now, he is the most angelic.. ethereal being I have every laid my eyes on.

And to think that we have gone through so much ever since we started dating. It all felt like a vivid dream considering how much we've hurted each other frequently. I felt as though each one was deliberately done to pull us  together. It's hard to explain.. but you get the point.

I layed soft kisses on his temples and one longing one on his forehead. I had to hold myself back because even though Louis is all man.. he has a soft inner-coating in the inside that is totally oblivious and sensitive that if I was to hurt him.. it will totally ruin him. After brushing some of the hair away from his eyes, I stared momentarily at his lips and chuckled while pecking it ever-so-slightly while scurrying down to our luggage and get started on the packing.

He jostled just a tiny bit, but leaned to his side more comfortably cuddling into a pillow as he said a few soft murmurs. I could barely hear anything until I flinched surprised.. and most definitely gobsmacked when I heard my name in a tiny yet brief moan. Crap.. not again!! I thought to myself. as I finished off with the packing, and headed down to the kitchen to preoccupy myself while I relaxed.. even for a few minutes.

The boys went in without even needing to knock. They eyed what I'm cooking, and they looked at it with interest. Honestly, I don't even know what I was cooking until they interrupted me out of my own thoughts. "Don't you guys have your own flats?" I suddenly asked them filling the silence with random questions. They eyed me and just shrugged. "I smelt food, so I went." Niall pouted while he looked at the pot with interest.

"And I just went in because I didn't feel like cooking today." Liam sighed apologetically. I thought Zayn was going to 'just' eat without having to make an excuse, but a tweet buzzed from my boxers, and I opened it. It says. "@Harry_Styles I followed Liam, and here I am :) ~Zayn" I rolled my eyes as it was re-tweeted over 5k times over the last few seconds. Ah, what I wouldn't give for our dedicated girls!

The pot sizzled and warm scent of spice, and meat filled the air. We had to head down to L.A. for a scheduled interview and concerts.. and signings. Our schedule is pretty much filled ever since the kidnapping and what-not. We were very fortunate that the dates for the concerts has only been moved back, and not abolished. Many would've been disappointed, and we couldn't let that happen.. not ever!

We wouldn't be here without our fans, and we can't lose them now. They are our priceless treasures. Some may take them for granted, but were not the type to do that. After I finished with there brunch sandwiches, I sneakily took one for Louis and hid it in a cupboard. I wrote a sticky note that it is not to be touched, and I preffered that. Niall always manages to finish most of the food we eat. I mean, the moment he came back, it was as if his stomach demanded for food every few minutes.. What did they do to him?

He's been chewing on food he can lay his hands on. Li has been trying to be helpful and buying more food for the lad, and he has wasted .. over  € 1000 over the past week. We have never even spent that much within a month, and Niall has managed to waste that much. Sheesh he should learn how to save money. Eventhough we make loads... € 1000 is a hell lotta money to spend on 'just' food. Even my mum would nag him about it.

"Where's Lou?" Zayn asked as he took another messy bite leaving some mustard on his cheek. Liam swiped it away with a napkin, and Zayn rolled his eyes. I shrugged an muttered "Still sleeping I guess." I chuckled with a shrug. "Hey, I'll go wake him--" "OW!" Niall offered but got hit in the back of the head. "Harry go." Liam said as I got up my seat and headed to my favourite boy.

Louis POV

I woke up with a smile on my face as I stretched comfortably patting the spot next to me but feeling nothing but blankets. I looked over to see that Harry wasn't there anymore. I wonder where he could be? My question was answered when I heard familiar footsteps going my way.

I quickly bungee-jumped to the bed hearing it clink. The door swung open within seconds. From the tiny crack of my eyes, I can see that it was Harry, and his floppity curls bouncing excitedly. My heart thumped when I see him get in the bed, and arched himself towering over me. I couldn't bare to move... I just can't. I wouldn't dare.

I felt him grab my face and send kisses that left me breathless. I tried moving out of his strong yet firm grip, but my body wouldn't let me. "Lou.." he whispered within the kiss. "Louis.. wake up." he whispered while he gave me soft kisses on my neck, and exposed skin. He's teasing me, and I'm getting really, really irritated... yet aroused? This barely happens... he's such... crap.. I forgot what I was going to say.

I forced my eyes open focusing in the curly headed boy who was now chuckling silently while staring lovingly at my face. "You were awake the whole time weren't you?" he asked cheekily while revealing his adorable dimples. I blushed a deep red, and smooshed a pillow on his face with a groan. Seriously that twat is getting on my nerves. But why am I so goddamn happy right now?

He didn't make any attempt of going in the bathroom which was fine with me... Not like I was expecting it or anything... In the middle of my refreshing bath, Harry peeked in through a crack of the door. I could tell, because the door was fidgeting open then close constantly. And plus those green orbs were visible through the light.

"Need anything?" I asked and I felt him flinch. Is he serious? He seriously thought I couldn't see him? A chuckle escaped my lips, and he opened the door fully. "I just needed.. to em... br-brush my teeth." he said shyly as he quietly got in visibly blushing under the bright lights.

I eyed him with a smirk on my face. I can see him looking silently over through the mirror. "Something the matter?" I asked, suddenly wanting to know the answer. I can say that.. that was his last nerve. He quickly dropped his toothbrush inside the plastic cup because that's were we chose to keep it since it's only a temporary location.

He was once again arched infront of me looking at me with his eyes with overwhelming lust. He kissed me deeply again and again. When he was about to go further, I flinched by the sudden movement and closed my eyes. No contact was done and I opened my eyes only to see him with a sad smile on his face. "Sorry." he whispered pecking me once in the forehead then headed for the door.

I was about to reach for him, but my hand didn't respond till he had his back to the door and opening it with a bit of force. Crap... crap. crap. He must've misunderstood it. I just wasn't ready.. Why did I reject him? I'm such an idiot... here he was pouring his feelings for me, and all I did was reject him. This is horrid.. I need to make things right!



Just a note, he was sore because of the uncomfortable sleep back home.. flat... If you guys thought wrong... then... -awkward silence-  And just a shout out to @ladystyles18 .. a fellow Fanfic author :) <3

~Cam xoxo

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