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That night I heard a lot of screaming and fighting in my master's bedroom, I didn't have to be a fool to know I was the reason for their fight. I was clueless to the trouble I created, the rift it created between master Li He and his wife.

I never had a romantic infatuation with Li He, I thought of him disgusting and would gag myself sick before kissing him, and I thought it was clear he carried the same disgust for me. It's not as if he's bringing home a mistress, he's taking home a little sister.

I don't understand.

The wave of loud screams continued until late that night, and then, it stopped abruptly. I heard loud stomping footsteps vibrated on the marble floor of the manor. They were angry and they were rushed. It was master Li He's, his bag gripped tightly on his hand and it was stuffed. He's leaving in the middle of the night headed back early to his job.

Then it was quiet, too quiet and yet my chest continued hammering restlessly. I heard her whimpers, my mistress was upset. I thought about heading over to knock on her door and see if she needed anything, but I was afraid - afraid she'll take her anger out on me, and make me suffer her wrath, so I didn't.

I stayed in my bedroom and remained still, without the slightest sound I could make. I wanted to disappear, I wanted to follow master Li He and beg him not to leave me here because I know what's waiting for me in the morning. Cruelty.

The next day, I made sure I was up and working before my mistress awaken. I wanted no reason to fuel her rage. I got started on her breakfast, made sure they were ready as soon as she wakes up, then moved into cleaning the house. I wanted to get to the laundry before the middle of the morning so I could have time to prepare her lunch.

The sun has been up for a few hours when she woke up, Mistress Jiaying overslept. Her breakfast had been sitting on the table for a few hours waiting for her when she walked in the dining room. Her thin silken robe wrapped around her body, her swollen eyes was clear indication she'd been crying all night. She lifted the dish cover and peeked at her breakfast. Her angry scowl found me.

I dreaded for what she has to say next.

"What the hell is this?" She hissed disgusted.

"That's your breakfast, mistress," I said with the smallest voice.

"You call this food?"

"U-umm..." I murmured nervously. My fingers twisting the fabric of my robe. She had me panicking already and I never had this type of anxiety with my other masters before. There's something about her that's so sinister, and insecure that I knew she's searching for an excuse to punish me.

I didn't have to wait long. She swept everything off the table with her arm, spilling them on the floor. The dishes shattered, and the food splattered everywhere.

I watched her without shock, but with a certain expectant expression. My eyes were on the mess she created, my thoughts were to clean them right away.

I did not move from where I stood as I waited for her to finish her tantrum.

My mistress heaved a sharp steadying breath, straightening up to her elegant posture. She tugged on her luxurious robe and glared at me with so much spite. "This is your fault, you shouldn't be here!"

I looked down and bit my lip as I remained quiet, allowing her dominance over me.

"Clean this mess and make me fresh breakfast after you're done."

"Yes, mistress."

She whipped around and walked back over to the master bedroom while I hurried to clean the mess she created and cooked her fresh breakfast.

The tension between us continued throughout the day and I became convinced this is going to be a permanent relationship between us, so I made it a point to disappear out of her sight as much as I can. The less she saw me the happier she's going to be.

I gave her no reason to complain. I worked hard for my share of food and housing. This was our routine the entire week until it was time for master Li He to come home for the weekend. I prayed he would not show up at all.

It was just when things were calming down and we're falling into a routine. Mistress Jiaying was starting to leave me alone when master Li He came home.

I saw him arrived on a rickshaw, mistress Jiaying greeted him as he walked from the courtyard to the front door. They kissed and obviously made up since last week. 

I stepped away from the small hole drilled on the wall of my room spying on them. Back to my bed, tucking myself under the sheets.

It's the afternoon, nearing sundown. Mistress told me to stay away from the kitchen today because she wanted to cook for her husband when he gets home.

I was relieved when she made me stay out, I was exhausting myself from my endless workload and the more break I get, the better. I planned on disappearing the rest of the night, remaining in my small bedroom when I heard a soft knock. A little too familiar knock. I knew it was master Li He behind the door and I held myself from creating any noise, pretending I was not in the room.

He knocked again, and I refused to answer.

The third time, master Li He didn't knock, he invited himself freely and walked in, surprised to see me inside the room.

He stared at me lost at what to say for a moment. I stared back at him wide-eyed, waiting for a scolding I knew was coming.

He frowned. "Why didn't you answer your door?"

My mouth opened but found my reasoning unworthy. I can't let him know because his wife might get mad if she saw me with her husband, although it's too late now since he's already inside my room.

"Get out." I murmured quietly.

"Excuse me?" He responded offended, he frowned. "What's the matter with you? How are you going to talk to me like that?"

I wanted to tell him that's how I've always talked to him, but I guess, it was a bit too sudden and he wasn't expecting my attitude. "Please, go away," I told him pleading this time.

He blinked, his mouth opened, he observed me trying to read what's going on, but master Li He is a little too slow on figuring out what's already happening. 

When they say men don't understand women I found it out from master Li He since he just stood there staring at me like a dumbass while I waited for hims to leave.  

I tucked my head back inside the sheets.

Then he moved, taking small steps to bedside. He laid the the piece of rice cake he brought back from his travel. I pretended not to notice him.

"Everything alright?" He asked.

I stayed quiet.

He waited for another second, and when I didn't move or speak, he helped himself out of my room.


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