Purple Glitter Pt.2

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Writer's POV

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Writer's POV

The Nuckelavee started down at the kitsune, boring its singular eye into her head, trying to figure out what Tsukiko would do next. She had fooled it into letting go of the blonde girl, but that was to be expected, kitsunes, after all, are masters in the art of trickery. 

Tsukiko stood ready, bracing herself for what the beast might do. She studied the twitchiness of its hind legs and how its arms slowly swung to and fro. 

Erza had forced everyone to back up, just knowing that something big was about to happen. Although she hated watching Tsukiko fight alone, she knew that it would be better. This creature was something she had never seen before, but her friend knew what it was. This meant that it was a very powerful beast, Tsukiko could have fought some on her missions. 

Grey watched with clenched fists as the tension rose, hoping, praying that Tsukiko would be okay. The furry in his matched that of the coldness of his ice and he could feel Natsu heating up next to him. The heat would make him pass out if he wasn't just as worried. 

Lucy watched on in poor horror and worry. This person, someone she knew very little off, was risking her life so she could live another day. Whether that was reckless and stupid, or heroic and admirable, Lucy couldn't say. Her emotions grew stronger and stronger as time seemed to slow.

The Nuckelavee made the first move, swinging its lanky arms at the smaller figure but as she jumped out the way Tsukiko realised that it was after her friends. The kitsune changed her course of direction and shot to the left, she slid across the floor before crouching low and chanting something. 

"Daemon, I'm your opponent, not them, so I suggest you keep your eye on me. It'll do you no good going after the wrong person. Watch yourself." Tsukiko spoke, her voice surprisingly calm. The beast snarled at her, showing off multiple razor-sharp teeth. 

As the Nuckelavee started to move around, trying to cut Tsukiko's view of her friends off she reciprocated his movements. Standing on opposite sides of the field now, and with the advantage, the Nuckelavee tried to swipe at Lucy again. 

This time, Tsukiko wasn't there to stop it, but her magic was. 

"Is there anything in that head of yours, it's big enough. I knew you wanted to change spaces, so I made a barrier. It circles around us, and neither of us can leave unless I change the magic of the barriers. Just as equally no one can get in unless I change the magic. Meaning, you have to focus solely on me." this time Tsukiko smirked, showing much smoother teeth. The Nuckelavee gazed on in anger.

As the beast tried to figure out how to deal with the trickster fox, Tsukiko took her chance. Stealthily making her way closer to the beast, she covered ground quickly. When she had reached the foot of the monster, she gently moved her hand closer and released a calming purple glitter, a complete contradiction to the surrounding atmosphere. The dust flew up and expanded to cover the lower legs of the monster before closing in on the legs of the beast. As the glitter got closer and closer to its destination something started to form, thousands of Wolf Spiders closed in on the beast, before biting the legs, paralyzing it from the legs down. The spider quickly made their way up the body of the monster, also biting the human half, making that sting.

"The Wolf Spiders bite is not poisonous, it paralyzes its prey so it can devour them. Unfortunately, humans are unaffected by the paralysis, so instead you'll feel like you just got stung by thousands of bee. It would weaken you and make it easier for me to win." Tsukiko watched with intense emotion as her minions worked. 

"Silly, silly girl. I know what your magic is. I know how easily I can get rid of it as well. With one swipe into a hard surface, it disappears. Unless you have grown in power, to the extent of where you can use these, minions, of yours for longer and they don't die as quickly, then I can easily say that this'll be an easy fight." Tsukikos face grew stern, showing very little emotion, not letting the Nuckelavee learn anything from her posture or face. 

As the spiders finished their job they started to fade into nothingness. The kitsune made a move again, this time going left and up. She used the trees to her advantage and eventually stood face to face with the monstrous being. The look in her eyes conveyed nothing, she blankly stared at the thing before her. She looked slightly to the left to see that all of her friends were fine, she let out a slight sigh and turned back to the daemon.

Before she had enough time to react, Tsukikow was thrown to the side. The Nuckelavee had managed to hit her, sending her flying through the air and through a couple weak trees. The wood breaking behind her back, lead to a couple splinters and then the impact of her solid barrier smacked the air out of her lungs. With her emptied lungs, her heart rate sped up, trying to find even the slightest bit of air in her blood. As Tsukiko dropped to the floor, Grey lurched forward to try and catch her, only to jump into the barrier. He punched the shield in desperation, screaming at Tsukiko to let him in. Lucy felt her heart stop and her eyes water. Erza watched in pure grief and outrageous anger, her hand clenched her sword handle so much she heard a slight crack. Natsu was already burning with rage, letting his fire engulf him before joining Grey at the shield, trying with all his power to even dent it. 

As Tsukiko fell to the floor, and blood dripped from her head, Lucy collapsed, Erza screamed in rage, Natsu shouted in grief and Grey, Grey froze the environment around him, trees broke with the pressure and birds dropped from the sky. Grey shook with every emotion known to man, salty tears leaked from his widened eyes and a frustrated cry broke from his mouth.

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