Chapter Three (Edited)

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I stand in a line amongst the other boys and girls, shoulder to shoulder so there is no room to move. Not like we would move anyway. We each have our heads down, waiting for the royal family to present themselves to us.

I hear the large doors open and then the sound of click click walKing towards us. The heels being extra loud as the echo off the walls of the silent opening.

A small cough echoes with the heels before a sharp, high pitched voice directs itself to us, "Welcome, peasants. As you know, I am Queen Florence Beckett. And, of course, my husband; King Marcus Beckett."

I don't need to look up to know what the Queen and King look like. Every speech they give is aired in the town square, so everyone is able to see their posh and snobbish face. The Queen has a permanent wrinkle between her brows and her lips are constantly drawn in a thin line. She keeps herself standing proud in her luxurious dress with the glorious crown on top of her hand.

The King differs from the thin, tightly-wound Queen. His belly bulges out, proving his royalty. His dark hair, now lined with age, is slicked back for the crown to rest securely on his head. The King has a small blush to his cheeks, maKing a warmth spread through one at first glance. But, once his dark and dry voice is spoken, that warmth is taken and all that is left is dread for what is to happen next.

"Good day," the King says in a monotonous voice, sounding as if he was bored.

I hear the click click of the heels starting at the far end of the line, slowly maKing its way in my direction. "As your King and Queen, we have provided you this Kingdom, where you get to live the pathetic lives that you have. Now, you get to repay that kindness by being good citizens and worKing for us whenever we call. Fail to meet that condition will call for execution."

I hear gulps from the people next to me, while the click clicks get closer and closer. The word 'execution' lingering in the air.

The Queen continues, passing each person with every word she says, "You will follow orders from any nobel member of the house. And you will treat every one of us with the utmost respect."

I hear the click clicks stop in front of me and I can feel the eyes of the Queen staring into my head. "Are we clear?"

I do not respond, knowing that one is not allowed to respond to someone with a higher position without being given permission to. She is my superior, as much as I hate to admit it, so she must have full control of the conversation.

"Answer me!" She yells at me, giving me the permission to respond.

I keep my head down, know that though I have the permission, I do not have the permission to look up. "Yes Ma'am," I whisper out.


I hear her walk away to where she was when she first introduced herself to us and I can't help but let out a breath now that she is not in my face. "My son will be returning home in two days and that will be your first major event that you must work. There will not be any mistakes made. I will not tolerate it. Now, we must be off."

I hear the sway of the Queens dress as she walks away, but it seems that King has stayed. He says, "Bertram, escort them to the quarters they will be staying in. From there, have Agatha show them their sleeping quarters and they will be starting to tomorrow morning with their first chores."

With that the King walks off, trailing behind his wife. I risk a peek and see a man walk out of the shadows, wearing the same type of suit as the man on the train. But this man looks to be jolly and does not hold the same cold look. The man, who I now know as Bertram, replaces the spot where the King was standing as the King trails behind his wife.


Agatha is a short women with a round face and a big smile. She is the first person I have seen in this place that reminds me of home. She does not hold the same smugness as the others, but in facts welcomes to me where I will be staying.

"Here are your extra uniforms you will need. Now, you are in charge of washing your own uniforms, but do not wash them with the royal garments. It's another thing where you could so easily get in trouble for and I don't want that for you. Follow me this way, sweetie."

She leads me down a long hallway, to a door identical to the other ones we have passed. Though, they look nothing like the perfectly polished doors that are in the rest of the palace.

She opens the door to reveal a room with a plain bed, a small dresser, and a writing table. Very simple, which I was thankful for. I know I wouldn't get anything special living here, but I am glad it is how it is. Almost home like.

"I hope you don't mind, but I provided you some paper and a writing utensil. I find it easier, when being in a new place, to be able to write down whatever I feel the need to. Or if you're able to write someone at home, that's even better."

I walk to my bed and set my clothes down and take another look at my new room.

Agatha smiles at me and reaches for the door, "I know you've had a long day, but we must be up by five o'clock. So you best be off to sleep. It's going to be another long day tomorrow sweetie."

Agatha starts to shut the door, but I interrupt her before she has a chance, "Agatha?"

She opens the door wider to get a better look at me, not looKing as if she is impatient with me at all. "Thank you," I whisper to her.

She gives me another warm smile and then says, "Goodnight, sweetie. Sweet dreams."

With that she shuts the door and I am left with nothing but dread for tomorrow.

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