Purple Glitter Pt.3

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Writer's POV

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Writer's POV

Erza watched and watched, praying with all her might that Tsukiko was alive. That beast was stronger than all of them could assume and it had sent Tsukiko pretty far, she shot through weak trees like a bullet through flesh. 

When Tsukiko fell to the floor and stayed like that, Erza knew what she had to do. She stood Lucy up, grabbed Happy and gave him to Lucy before pulling hot and cold towards her. She turned with one last fleeting look at Tsukiko's body before forcing Lucy to walk in front of her, Grey and Natsu were to be dragged along, she couldn't trust them to walk. 

As she started to walk off, she could hear the beat laugh, sending the already mass of guilt into overdrive, with each new step she wanted to turn around and slay the beast. It had killed one of her best friends, taken one young life and who knows how many others? It had ruined fairy tail from the inside, killing off a core member just because.

As Erza carried on walking, she didn't look back, not even once. If she had, even just a tiny bit, she would have noticed something, she would have seen Tsukiko get up. 

Tsukiko's POV

As I watched Erza back away, dragging Natsu and Grey behind her and Lucy wobbling up front, I came to the realization that not everything was fairy tales and magic dust. They had done stuff like this before, but it was much easier. I just couldn't fathom why they needed to change things up. Although I wanted to scream and shout at them, I just couldn't do it, it's not in my power to do something so daring. 

As I saw the last of Erza's red hair drop across the horizon and the lowering sun, I knew that it was time for me to stand back up and slay this beast. I needed to get Erza and the others away so I could fight him the way that I wanted to, with them here, I didn't get much freedom on what I could use and what I couldn't do. 

I felt the blood dripping down the side of my face, and the splinters of wood in my back as I stood up, now facing the beast. It snarled at me, showing off multiple teeth, every single one of them pointed and ridden with blood. Its singular red eye glowed a menacing crimson as it starred me down, watching my every move, I felt like a creature trapped in a cage with this thing staring at me. The long ape-like arms swung by its side, touching the ground every now and then. The beast was massive, standing way above the trees, its head scrapping the sky. It had a skull for a head, the skin had been pulled off, exposing the muscles beneath, the rest of its body is the same. Well up until the waist anyway, below the waist the Nuckelavee was half horse, again this part of the beast was also skinless, showing the bare bones and putrid muscles.

I started at the monster as it convulsed and moved, every step causing the horrid bones to click and crack. The beast starred down at me, it's one monstrosity of an eye staring into my very soul, I hated the way that it seemed to try to kill me with its eye. It seemed to want to watch me suffer under its gaze, luckily for me, I knew the way this daemon fought. 

I climbed up till I was standing again, I was hurt, I knew that, but I just couldn't let this monster terrorise innocent citizens, over my dead body was this creature being let loose. I think that's what they would want to happen, which just gives me more reasons to kill this thing. I closed my eyes as I felt the atmosphere around me change, it grew lighter, almost spirit-like. My tails wrapped around the bottom of my legs as I jumped up, eyes glowing and magic flowing, I screamed at the monster as I became closer to it by the second. 

Lucy's POV

I was in shock, I mean how could I not be? I had just watched someone die! My eyes leaked salty tears and my heart seemed to tear in two ever so slightly. I had only known this woman for a couple of days, this wonderful, magical creature. The only of her kind left and this beast killed her, how could someone even do that? It made me sick to think about, she was slain right before my eyes. Her body lay flat on the floor, her head bleeding, her heart not beating. I looked visibly and mentally sick, my body shook with grief and anger. I wanted to scream and cry, to just let it all out, but I knew that I couldn't break right now, her final wish for us was to stay alive. I tried with all my might to not just drop to the floor and cry, cry until I had no tears left, cry until I was all dry of water, cry until I think I died. 

The kitsune had me wrapped around her little finger, she didn't even have to save me for me to willingly give up my life for her. I think it could have had something to do with what she was, a kitsune, especially with nine tails, she was a Tenko, a celestial fox. She was so full of good spirit and happiness that it hurt me to even think of being happy. I just walked on, turning my back to someone who I shouldn't have, I should have tried to get her out of there anyway, not just to leave her, even if she begged me to leave her there I couldn't. I looked back one last time, even though I couldn't see anything, I had to look, look at the pale pink shield that blocked the monster from us. It stood tall and with pride, it made me happy to know, that even in her dying moments she cared about us still, trying to keep up away from harm. I looked back to the horizon as I saw the sunset, bringing the close of a very, very upsetting day, and along with it bringing the horrors of telling the guild that their beloved kitsune had passed away, trying to protect others from their own demise. 

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