Chapter 10

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Abhinay pov

" Can you explain who is this girl Abhi?" my mom asked.

" Ma !! Um she is actually belong to an orphanage." I said hesitantly.

" What !! Orphanage !? What is she doing here then?" Maa asked with shocked look.

" Umm maa wo-"

" Aunty I think you should relax now! It was a long journey and also you will get a lot of time to chat. Isn't it.? " Viraj intervened with a smile looking at her.

Thank god!

" Han maa! I will talk to you later. But first you should relax. I have some work to do by the way." I also added, pleading in my mind that she just drop the topic and let me go.

"Hmm ohk then. I am going to my room and will meet you at dinner. I want your presence at that time. Are you clear son?" maa asked rather sternly.

" Crystal clear maa." I said instantly, feeling relieved that she is willing to drop the topic. Atleast for now.
With that my maa walked away gracefully.

" Thankgod!! Aunty was very curious by the way." Viraj said looking at me with a relieved look.

I glared at him.

" Come to my office along with Vinay. I want to talk some thing important. Be within 15 minutes." I ordered and walked away not before giving him with a murderous look.

Tara pov

" Ahhh - chorroooo, l-leaave me !! Ahhh" I screamed.

" Le-leave me monster...!!"  I screamed again but there was no effect on this man who was taking me to my room.

" Shut up tara or else you will get your first punishment." He replied sternly making me gulped.

" Yo-you will roast me on a frying pan?" I asked shaking slightly making him completely stop in his way as he turned around to look at me with a shocked expression.

Did I say something wrong? I thought confusedly.

" From where did you get that stupid thought?" He asked confusedly and I looked at him with a slight shiver that was running down my spine with the dread controlling my body as I thought how dangerous these people could be.

" Um-pl-please leave me. L-let me go. I wont--"

" From where did you get that thought Tara? Me roasting you on a frying pan? Are you serious or you are completely acting in front of me?" He asked with a seriousness in his voice making me more afraid with this devil's friend.

I looked at him, trying to analyse him. I don't think I said something wrong. Afterall this house is full of devil and demons. It shouldn't be come as a surprise if I found one of them roasting someone in an oven or a stove.

" Am sorry. Please let me g-go. I wo-won't tell anyone about you people. Trust me please." I was literally  begging, making sure to keep the desperation in my voice as much as I could.

"I asked you a question Tara!! Dont let me repeat myself." He said with a stoic face, making tears to pricked my eyes as I continuosly thought about my upcoming doom.

" I-Im s-sorry. please d-dont hurt me." I whispered in a low voice looking down at the floor.

" look at me."

I bring my gaze towards him. My tears were literally about to spill from my eyes. Oh god!! I shouldn't believe them as a good person. They all are dangerous, completely dangerous.

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