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i laid in bed, dreading the day that was ahead of us. my brother and his friends were gonna be there to support me, but i feel like it'll just end in ridicule. i heard a slight tap at the door and looked to see adam.

"the bus leaves in like fifteen." he told me, speaking lightly.

i sighed and sat up, running a hand through my hair,"thanks."

he stared at me for a second, still trying to be helpful,"it's really gonna be okay."

i nodded, not interested in playing into his words,"thank you, adam, really. i appreciate what you're saying, but i don't wanna talk about it."

he smiled flatly, a little disappointed, but i think he understood why i was being like that,"i get it. just change, and i'll stop trying to be a hero."

i chuckled lightly,"yeah, okay."

he tapped the doorway and walked out. i regretted letting him walk away solemnly, but i just couldn't be who he wanted me to be. he wanted me to play into his words and get inspired by them. but that just wasn't how i worked. i was definitely a pessimist and not even his pretty face could change that.

once i was changed, i sluggishly made my way onto the bus. it would seem i was the last one to make it, because everyone was staring at me when i arrived.

"glad you could join us, babe." dean rolled his eyes.

i scoffed, plopping into the seat next to charlie,"i'm not your babe, puck head."

he shoe back,"we're all puck heads, stupid."

i stuck my tongue out at him, the child friendly version of my middle finger.

charlie sighed as the bus started to move,"leave her alone, portman."

dean winked at me before turning and talking to fulton. i thrusted my hand back, like i was going to hit him. of course, i didn't, but it did earn a laugh from charlie.

i turned to him,"i suppose you want me to thank you."

he shrugged,"do whatever you want, scar. i just work here."

i laughed and shook my head,"well, thank you."

"no problem."

i felt a pair of eyes on me and turned to see banksie himself. he looked at the floor and smiled. even when i was in the worst mood, he still managed to be very cute.

which, i'll admit, now was not the time for me to be thinking about that, but i was pretty much always thinking about that, so what was a girl to do?

"are you nervous?" charlie asked.

i chuckled, turning back to him,"terrified. you?"

he nodded with wide eyes,"those guys are like 7'10, 190 pounds, and thirty years older than us."

i shrugged, staring jokingly,"i'm sure we'll only get minimal brain damage, a tbi is the worst casescenario."

charlie laughed,"yes, a light arterial bleed would be a nice sentiment."

"a minimally invasive shanking would be tolerable." i added.

charlie smiled in amusement,"totally."

when the bus finally came to a stop, charlie groaned. i laughed and got up to leave the bus. my nerves had subsided, but i knew they'd come back any moment.

as soon as i stepped off the bus, i heard a familiar voice yell,"scarlett!"

i turned to see my brother's friend, wilke. my face broke out in a grin as i ran to hug him,"wilk!"

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