Im recruiting a new squad!!

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Hey my unicorn fam!'ve you been? Any imposters trying to copy my story? Or write something similar? Maybe kind of same plot but changing it a bit????? 🙃

Just asking though! It's not like you would do that right? Hehehe.... now.... just you warn my lovely family. I do love y'all, you are all so sweet! I need a squad, a new one. Now to all my on lookers, my trustworthy family, the sweet, sassy, random, weird, wacky (I can go on) I need you guys to look out. Find dem Pegasus imposters disguised as unicorns.

And stop them! Only if I have given you permission to have ideas, but not the entire story line! I don't care if it's changed to make it seem like you've made it you're own, you did not make it. And you know who you are.

If I see a book that's like mine in any kind of way, if it's the plot, the writing, the ideas, heck even anything like that, it'll be reported.

It's just a warning to you *looks past my awesome family to the people that have that in mind to do so* And if ya do care for your unicorn mama (not literally though) I would greatly appreciate it.

Now if you would like to help my unicorn family. Say you do down below.

*insert name here*

Just a shout out and a warning to those people out there having the courage to do that. Good luck. And you better pray you don't get caught by one of my squad members. Cause if you do.... it's over.

So remember, don't copy my plot, ideas, characters, story line, heck even personating my squads. Cause you know, who could replace Maya, Dominic, and Blake? They're originals that came from me as an idea a few years ago even before I had wattpad. And I hope you all will appreciate that. But lovely quad, just tell me through private text and I'll tell you cause there is one friend of mine who asked permission for an idea but not a whole stealing thing, they're giving credit to me so....yeah. Love you all! ❤️🦄 remember, I need you guys! If you would like to insert your name, do so and you are officially a part of my squad.

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