Chapter 25

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Bold: Liam

Normal: Ivy 

- Incoming Call -


"Hey Liam, I've been meaning to ask, what am I to wear on Saturday?"

"Something warm and casual." 

"Okay, I can do that. Where are we going?"

"Somewhere special." 

"Ahhh, so another suprise I see."


"Well I loved the other suprise so I have high expectations."

"So much to live up to, the pressure!"

"Damn right haha."

"Do we meet same place as last time?"

"Yeah, the coffee shop. I love that place, it's like my little safe haven."

"It was quite beautiful."

"Sometimes I go there and spend hours upon hours just reading, sometimes I sit there and drink coffee, others I just strike up random conversations with people."

"That doesn't surpise me."

"It's my favourite pass-time. Anyway, tomorrow the coffee shop at lets say, 6:00 pm?"

"Yep, i'll pick you up then."

"Okay, great."


beep beep beep

- Call Ended -


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