not ready

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after coach had gotten into his whole deal with the fire, we went back to the dorms to change. i still wasn't convinced that coach would be able to pull through, but right now, i had other things to worry about.

adam and i were gonna go hang out, and i was kind of nervous. even though this was an, 'as friends' kind of deal. i slipped my cartier ring back on and changed into something that i thought would look good.

connie smirked at me as her and julie entered the room,"where you going, looking so sexy?"

i laughed and rolled my eyes, letting my hair down,"adam asked me to hang out with him."

"oooooh." they sang in unison, causing me to shake my head.

"as friends." i corrected their suggestive words.

julie narrowed her eyes at me,"uh huh. you might be going as friends, but you definitely have a crush on him."

i felt my cheeks heat up at the fear of being exposed in that light,"wh-what's so definite about it? i never- i didn't-"

connie laughed,"well, if we weren't sure before, we are now."

i sighed, hiding my head in my hands,"we don't know each other that well. i'm not saying anything for sure."

connie grinned excitedly,"it's okay, we know your true feelings before you do."

i knit my brows together,"okay, well, i'm not sure exactly how you could-"

"it's the roommate telepathy." she shrugged, laying on my bed.

i chuckled,"i just- i don't think that's a thing."

"oh, it's a thing." julie and connie said in unison, which i must admit, did make me question what i had said prior.

my eyes raked over the floor, feeling a little confused. but i decided to shake it off, realizing i was probably late,"um, guys are crazy and i'm gonna go."

julie laughed,"let us know what happens."

i dismissed them with the wave of my hand,"yeah, okay."

i grabbed my wallet, letting my hand through the strap to let it rest on my wrist. i walked out of the door and practically rammed heads with adam.

"woah," adam exclaimed, grabbing onto me, because i was, in fact, stumbling,"just the girl i'm looking for."

i chuckled, looking at his hands, that had been placed on my shoulders,"well, as you can tell, i'm here."

he grinned,"i see that. ready?"

i nodded and he let go of my shoulders, letting me walk to the front door.

we made our way to the elevators, and i decided to ask,"so, where are we going, anyways?"

he looked down and smiled at me, clearly nervous,"i was thinking the ice cream parlor. is that alright?"

i nodded, giving him a reassuring smile,"that sounds great."

he nodded, starting to ramble,"cool, cause i just didn't know what's around, i haven't actually been to los angeles before, so i just thought-"

i bit the inside of my cheek and put my hand on his arm,"you seem kinda nervous."

"oh, you picked up on that?" he questioned, causing me to laugh.

i decided to play into his game,"you know, you were really subtle about it, but i'm very talented at picking up on behavioral changes."

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