training days

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i had a long sleepless night thinking about adam and how i had managed to make things so awkward. i knew i needed to talk to danny, he always knew what to say. even if it's mean. which, sometimes it is.

connie looked at me as i yawned,"how'd you sleep?"

i rolled my eyes,"i didn't, thanks connie."

she sighed,"is this about how you and adam didn't kiss?"

i looked at her with surprise,"what? how'd you know about that?"

she smiled sheepishly,"we might have enlisted charlie to spy."

i wasn't even able to be angry, i was just so annoyed that i had ruining everything,"okay, yes, i'll admit... it's possible i may have fucked up."

connie laughed,"i'm sure it's not that bad. banksie's a big boy, his little feelings are fine."

i rolled my eyes, running a hand through my hair,"well, maybe that's true, but that doesn't mean it won't be weird between us."

"things have been weird between you two since you met. he's never had a crush on a teammate before." connie explained.

i narrowed my eyes,"are you sure? him and charlie are pretty close."

she laughed,"well, you got me there."

"guys," julie walked into our room from the kitchen,"we have to go to the rink in like ten minutes, what are you doing?"

she was fully dressed and ready to go, meaning we were way behind.

connie shrugged,"cut her some slack, she's all stressed out about adam."

julie looked at me sympathetically,"well, i can cut slack, but coach definitely can't."

i nodded, knowing she was right,"you're right, we'll hurry."

connie nodded,"yeah, i'm sure if it's one thing coach doesn't understand, it's girl talk."

i nodded,"plus, i should talk to danny about this instead. he's better equipped to handle my overthinking."

we watched videos of iceland playing on the tv, as coach told us everything they were doing wrong.

i must admit, seeing the iceland players in all their glory was daunting. they were extremely talented players, not to mention their stature.

if we couldn't at least match them in skill, i wasn't sure we stood a chance. they were just too big.

after the videos, we went to the rink to do a bunch of basic drills, while luis worked on stopping.

coach even enlisted this man named jan, who was apparently important to the ducks. he seemed like a well enough man, except his method for luis, seemed a little strenuous.

there were cans stacked up in a pyramid type fashion, and every time he knocked into them poor jan had to pick them back up and reset.

i would have maybe chosen something that took less time to set back up, but i guess it hurt to land on the cans, which would make luis want to do it less.

i understood his reasoning, it just seemed like a lot of extra work.

i skated over to charlie, who was watching luis in amusement,"are you enjoying this?"

charlie turned to me, grinning devilishly,"it's possible that i find this the least bit of amusing."

i chuckled and shook my head,"you think he'll be able to do it?"

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