final practice

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i slid on a t-shirt over my long sleeve, while adam sat on my bed. i was currently trying to convince him to come to the final practice with us. he had gotten his sling off, and now only sported a brace. and in celebratory fashion, i wanted him to be with his team.

"adam, you really should join us. ms. mackay is even gonna be there." i told him, looking for my shoes.

he rolled his eyes,"why?"

i looked at him with confused eyes, figuring he understood why he needed to be there, "because it's our final practice, and you're a part of the team."

he stared at me with skeptical eyes,"am i part of the team, though?"

"always." i replied, finally locating my shoes and starting to put them on.

he bit his lip, contemplating the offer,"i don't know, scar. it'll be kind of a bummer, don't you think?"

"i mean, yeah probably," i said, causing him to laugh,"but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go."

he still wasn't totally on board,"scarlett-"

"please." i cut him off, resorting to begging.

he stared at me for a second, finding it hard to resist.

after a moment he sighed, caving,"fine, yeah... i'll go."

i smiled and patted his shoulder,"i knew you'd come around."

"well, i'm gonna change my mind, if you take any longer tying your shoes." he griped causing me to laugh.

i finished my last shoe and threw my leg up triumphantly,"i'm done."

"congratulations." he stated, standing up with me.

we walked to the bus stop, and i was a little nervous for this practice. tomorrow was the final game. it would either make or break us.

when we arrived at the bus stop, everyone else was already there, having their own little conversations.

charlie smiled when he saw adam and i,"hey, banksie. are you going to practice with us?"

adam sighed,"yeah, scar convinced me."

i shrugged,"i can be very persuasive."

"so i've noticed." charlie replied.

danny walked up to me, grinning from ear to ear,"scarlett."

i looked at him suspiciously,"danny, you're uncharacteristically cheerful. what's going on?"

"i'm just excited," he answered, shoving his hands in his pockets,"cause we will return to washington, winners of the olympics."

i chuckled,"well, that's very optimistic of you."

he shrugged,"i believe in us."

i smiled lightly, his words warming my heart. it was sweet of him to say that, because i was still afraid for all of us.

we had greatly improved as a team, but the iceland players were still giants. they could shatter any one of us and, as we had learned, they will try their hardest to do so.

but i couldn't tell anyone about my lingering feelings of doubt,"that makes two of us, madison."

he grinned, running a hand through his hair, "what do you think we're gonna do for last practice?"

i looked at him incredulously,"um...probably
hockey stuff, dipshit."

he rolled his eyes,"okay, no need for name calling."

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