Sinful Seduction

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Hello People! Just thought I'd let you know that the sequel to both Darkest |desire and Forbidden Fantasies, is up and running! Book 3 of the series, called Sinful Seduction, has a prologue and the first chapter already up on my profile, and I'll be updating it regularly. 

I also wanted to thank everybody whose stuck with this story since Book 1. I wrote that over 4 years ago, and I still can't believe how much support I've gotten over the years from all you people who've been rooting for Aurora and Severus! The comments and votes are what inspire me to continue this story, and I'll be forever grateful to those who were there for me.

A special thanks to @bealadantra95 for inspiring me to write with her amazing story, Descendant of Merlin (you should definitely check it out if you haven't already).

I'd also like to mention @UniGal1995 for being an incredible friend and helping me iron out so many plot holes and charater development issues she might as well be my co-author. Her story Beauty and the Beast is also an incredible Sev fanfic and I absolutely adore it.

Next up is @BakerStreetTimeLord, who's put up with me over the years when it comes to fangirling over actors, geeking out about shows, and ranting about books and ships in so many fandoms. Thanks girl!

I'd also like to mention @BloodyBatty @JacklynReynolds, @ssauders @Tylerbabe17, @totally_pengwing, @BelleFrench031001  and @DJ-Kyoto for their support and lovely conversations over the years. Without them this story wouldn't have made it this far.

Thank you (you know who you are)

-Sam out

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