chapter 9

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Levi stood in front of Eren's old cell in shock. There sat a the frame of a women, with jet black hair, so long that it covered almost her whole body. She was small, even in Levi's eyes. Her hair was knotted and her head hung low, her arms were chained above her head, wrists bruised. From what he could see, she was wearing a short, white tattered dress. The guard that guarded her cell opened the door and allowed Levi to get closer standing nearby.
"I wouldn't try anything, I think she is dead, she doesn't seem to hear anything I say, doesn't eat and just sits there all day" the guard said sounding half interested.

"M-Monster?" He asked, his voice uncertain. As soon as the word left his mouth the girl's head shot up. His eyes came into contact with a familiar pair of forest green eyes. She start struggling to get up,

"Stop struggling sweet-cheeks you'll never be able t-" the guard's chastising was interrupted by a loud cracking sound. The solid stone wall of the cell, cracked open, giving way for the shackles which impaled them. The shackles came out of the wall and the female who was once a titan, stood up. Levi watched in silence, not expecting anything less surprising from her. Her eyes never lost his gaze as she broke herself free. He stood taking in her appearance, her forest green eyes were now surrounded by luscious long eye-lashes. Her skin was so pale, as if it's never seen the light of day, her lips...

The guard seemed to get out his shock and hits her against her head, with the back oh his staff-like spear. She doesn't react, however Levi does.

"Do. Not. Touch. Her." He commands. The guard started to say something but Levi ends up punching him. The guard falls unconscious. Levi returns his gaze to the girl, whose eyes were already on him. She then reach out and touched the arm that he had hurt, concern dancing in her eyes again.

"I'm fine, Monster, I'm not the one who just got hit in the head." Levi said, just then he heard familiar giggling, Hanji and Erwin stood at the door. Erwin looked uncomfortable, while Hanji was blushing as if she just caught them doing something sinful. Levi just sighed and asked,
"When is her trail?"

"Today, they were waiting for you to wake up." Erwin reported.

"Okay, then let's go"

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