we're the ducks

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while, we were less than enthusiastic about starting at this academy, we all decided that we didn't really have much of a choice. we just needed to make the best of a bad situation.

danny, fulton, and i were in an alley, waiting for charlie and goldberg. i watched as fulton shot pucks into the street.

"so he really isn't coming?" danny asked, in reference to dean.

fulton sighed, nodding,"yep. he's staying in chicago."

i frowned,"but chicago is where the most homicides occur annually. it's one of the most dangerous towns to live in. why would he wanna be there?"

danny laughed,"i don't think that's what dean was thinking about, when he decided not to accept the scholarship."

i shrugged, watching charlie walk down the alley to greet us.

charlie looked at fulton skeptically, having a suggestion for the boy,"hey, fulton. ever think about shooting...back into the alley and not into the street?"

"not really." he shrugged and shot the puck again.

i heard the screech of a cat and frowned,"poor cat."

danny shook his head,"never had a chance."

fulton turned to charlie, who sat on a crate next to me, changing into skates,"i was just telling these guys, portman isn't coming. he's staying in chicago, how cool is that?"

charlie sighed in disbelief,"you gotta be kidding me."

fulton shrugged, having no resolution,"he found out bombay bailed, and he bailed too."

i sucked my teeth,"we never should have told him. he wasn't even here yet, what harm could it have done?"

"hindsight," fulton nodded,"plus, what good is one bash brother? i mean, what am i now? mr. bash? the bashman?"

he hit another puck, but this time it went straight into goldberg. he yelled, grabbing hold of his leg.

"singular bash?" i suggested with a chuckle.

goldberg groaned,"now's not the time for jokes, scarlett. i was just killed," he looked at the only bash brother,"watch it, please."

i rolled my eyes, and grabbing a puck, i tossed it at him. he went to lunge away, but, of course, he fell over, because he has absolutely no balance on skates. or with regular shoes on.

"sorry, goldberg." fulton gave an apologetic smile.

goldie rolled his eyes,"oh no problem, guys. life isn't bad enough, i have to worry about getting nailed off the ice too? thanks, scar, you really are the gem in life's eternal garbage can."

i chuckled, pointing out a very important fact,"you're so dramatic. you're the goalie, you're supposed to get hit."

he threw his hands up, a little defeated,"again, does that sound stupid to anyone else?"

i rolled my eyes and hopped off the crates i was strong on. we needed to leave soon, or we would be late for the first day.

charlie got up, his skates on,"well, let's go. we wouldn't wanna keep the preppy snobs waiting."

i sighed,"give it a chance, char. rich people are usually hot."

charlie scoffed,"so not the point."

we all skated together to school, messing with each other on the way.

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