first practice

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the size of the rink was the first thing i noticed when we all entered it for practice. the second thing, was all the state championship flags. and thirdly, i noticed the diligent varsity players, who were practicing in front of us.

"they look pretty good." luis admitted, watching as they played. i nodded in agreement, they seemed to be very talented.

julie looked up at the ceiling, at the rows and rows of championship flags,"they sure won a lot of championships."

adam scoffed,"they're not so hot."

i shrugged, tilting my head to get a better look,"no, the captain is, he's hot."

adam scoffed and hit my shoulder,"babe."

i tried not to let my face scrunch up in awkwardness, but it didn't work.

he rolled his eyes at me and i sighed,"i'm sorry, blame my father, he's the one who gave me all these issues."

adam laughed, nudging me,"it's okay, i'll breakthrough."

charlie tried to reassure us,"come on guys, we could skate out there."

i shook my head, not sure that was true. but i had to stick with my team, so i skated with them to get on the ice.

however, it would seem varsity knew exactly what we were doing, because they met us at the door, the captain smirking,"if it isn't captain duckie."

fulton sneered,"get your dirty hands off of him."

the boy gasped facetiously,"ooh a bash brother. i'm so scared."

i rolled my eyes,"well, maybe you should be."

he stared down at me, knitting his brows,"if it isn't scarlett gilinksy. loved the way you kissed blondie after you won. it was hot."

i looked at him with disgust,"i'd prefer if you didn't comment on my kissing skills, thank you."

he scoffed,"i'll do what i want."

adam huffed,"hey, man, don't mess with me."

"or what?" he questioned, provoking all of us.

that's when everything hit the fan. a rumble broke out, and it took the varsity coach sweeping them away for it to stop.

once they were fully gone, we all got on the ice, warming up before our new coach arrived.

charlie turned to dwayne, smirking,"how about it, cowboy? round up?"

connie frowned,"shouldn't we wait for the new coach before we mess around, Charlie?"

i nodded, knowing this couldn't end well for us,"i agree, i don't think we should-"

"this is how we practice," charlie cut me off, "ducks hockey. he'll have to get used to is sooner or later."

i shook my head,"that's just...not how it works."

but charlie was tired of listening to me, and they had already started the game.

dwayne had his rope, and was swinging it around,"yee-haw! round em' up doggies!"

i decided to try one more time to convince charlie,"i just really don't think that's how it works, cap."

charlie scoffed,"loosen up, linsky."

i rolled my eyes and skated in the opposite direction of him. he was so hardheaded, it was exhausting.

i watched as averman hid in the net and i went to pull him out of it.

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