Chapter 33

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Lena Pov--- 

So me and Kara , are in a good place which is so bizar we are so good and we have just been good which is weird because this is a place where we haven't been for a while and i just yea it feels good. okay well enough soppy ness haha well today i am in the office i have so much paperwork i need to be doing and just overall so much stuff. 

two hours later- 

I am on the phone to Spanish Friend whom i went to private school:

Sofia: Hola, Le, ¿cómo has estado? Extraño tu llamada todas las semanas, ¿cómo estás? que pasa contigo y con Kara ( Hi, Le, how have you been? I missed your call every week, how are you? what's wrong with you and with Kara)

Me: Hola amor, lo siento mucho no haber llamado. ¡Bueno, fuimos por mucho y lo estamos haciendo bien! Cuando vienes de visita ( Hello love, I'm so sorry I didn't t call. Well, we went through a lot and we're doing good right now, When do you come to visit?) 

Sofia: En realidad, ¡voy a llegar pronto! (Actually I'm coming soon!)

me: WHAT FOR REAL ?!!!

Sofia: Hahhaha well i have meetings love but i am coming 

me: This is going to be amazing 

Sofia: de verdad, llego en dos días (really, I arrive in two days)

me:¿De verdad? ( For real?)

Sofia: Si, ja ja

Me: Bueno, puedes quedarte conmigo cancelando tu hotel, te quedarás conmigo esto no está disponible para debate ( Well, you can stay with me cancel your hotel, you will stay with me this is not up debate)

Kara walked in as i was on the phone and just smiled at me, looking a little confused.

Sofia: Lena, no tienes que hacer eso 

Me: I know but I want to, Sofia kara has just came in so i will pick you up from the airport sed me all the details and i will see you then!!

Sofia: Omg okay thank you, i will see you then 

Me: Te amo, te veré muy pronto (I love you, I'll see you very soon)

Sofia: Adiós mi amor, te veré pronto (Bye my love, i will see you soon)

i get off of the phone and Squeal, Kara looked at me and burst into fits of laughter while sorting out our lunch. 

"Since when did you Squeal" Kara said laughing her ass off 

"MY BEST FRIEND IS COMING" Kara raised her eyebrow at me "Other than you i mean" i say smiling running over kissing her lips softly. "You are finally going to meet Sofia" 



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