blake game

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i stood at my locker, grabbing a few things i needed in order to write a paper.

"hey, baby," adam walked up to me, fresh from varsity practice,"what are you doing here?"

i turned to him, getting distracted by his looks. he had clearly taken a shower, and the wet hair that clung to his head was taking my breath away. he was just so attractive, it was hard not to get lost.

i shook my head, snapping out of my trance, "um, grabbing some shit, so i can write my grapes of wrath paper."

he sighed, looking a little disappointed,"damn, i was gonna ask if you wanted to hang out, but i guess-"

i cut him off, eager to see him,"no, we should do that."

"just cause we haven't seen each other a lot lately, you know." he said, looking the least bit guilty.

i tilted my head, narrowed my eyes at him,"and whose fault is that?"

he hung his head, knowing the correct answer, "i told you, i'm sorry about that."

i dismissed his apology,"yeah, yeah," i grabbed my books and shut my locker,"we get it, adam. you made varsity, and now you think you're better than the rest of us-"

he laughed,"i never said-"

"you didn't have to, banksie," i smiled in amusement,"we all see it."

he rolled his eyes and grabbed my free hand, pulling me down the hall,"come on, can we please just go to your dorm?"

"why can't we go to your dorm?" i questioned.

he sighed, shaking his head,"because, i have a roommate and you don't."

"banksie," a varsity boy grinned, as he walked down the hall,"good work today."

adam fist bumped the guy,"thanks, man."

i rolled my eyes, and adam let go of my free hand, grabbing my books for me.

i smiled at the gesture, but didn't say anything, just excited that we would finally be spending time together.

"how's being captain working out for you?" he asked as we left the building, heading for my room.

i shrugged, a little annoyed about it,"oh, no one respects the fact that i'm captain, so... that's a fun thing i get to deal with."

he gave me a confused look,"really? no one?"

i shrugged, somewhat understanding their reasoning,"i mean, i guess i get it. it's like their all waiting for charlie to take his spot back, and i'm just a filler."

adam frowned,"that's not fair."

i let out a breath, trying not to get too hung up on it,"it's not personal," i faltered for a second, "at least, i hope it's not."

it was the first game and i was a nervous wreck. i stared down at my jersey, the 'c' prominently displayed, which only seemed to make me feel guilty, as opposed to proud.

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