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I slowly walked down the dark street. Lights flickered around me and I moved my orange long hair out of my face. As I walked down the street I could smell a faint sense of fire.

I stopped in my tracks for a second and closed my eyes.

This fire wasn't a normal fire. It was different something I'd never felt before.

I sniffed the air and began to follow the trace of the fire. As I followed the sense it led me to a graveyard.

Great, I'd follow a creepy fire into a cemetery.

I pushed open the gate and as I did it made a creaking noise. I jumped at that and slowly made my way towards the smell.

The smell of fire kept getting stronger and as I got closer I noticed a group of people standing in a circle. Fire surrounded them and I gasped.

I put a hand over my mouth and ducked behind a grave.

That, since I was getting, was witchcraft.

But not the good kind, black magic.

There were two different kinds of witchcraft, black magic and white magic. Black magic was used for evil spells and attacking others. Well, white magic was used for healing and helping those around you.

I perked up again and noticed an altar in the middle of it all.

I just walked into a black magic ritual. I ducked down again and stared at my hands. If I could sense them there's no doubt about it.

They could also sense me.

I slowly took out a perfume bottle from my pocket and took it out. Before I could cover up the scent I heard a little chuckle.

"Well, well what do we have here." A male voice chuckled.

I froze up in my spot and before I could spray it he kicked it out of my hands.

"Oh come on that shit is expensive!" I whisper yelled.

I looked up at the person in front of me and I couldn't see them very well. All I knew was that they were male.

"What is a white witch doing around here." I closed my eyes and I could sense his aura as well.

It was for sure black magic.

"Following my senses what are you doing out here with that altar?" I asked opening my eyes again.

"Well if you want I can show you?" I froze up in my spot thinking for a moment.

"No thanks, I'll just go home well nice meeting you!" I got up off the ground but before I had the chance to run he grabbed my hand.

I shivered in fear and looked behind me. People began to surround me and a few of them grabbed me.

I screamed out in shock pleading for help as they dragged me towards the altar. I tried to grab onto anything I could find.

They dragged me onto the altar and began to strap me down. I struggled under the straps and looked up at them in shock.

"Let me go," I said annoyed.

"Cult leader, we have a white witch does that mean we can do the ritual?"

"Yes.." The same man from before replied.

People surrounded me in a circle and one of them handed the cult leader a knife. He approached me at the altar and I looked away from him my hair covering my face.

He began chanting words in another language I'm assuming was latin. I looked up at him and fire began to light at the bottom of the altar.

It lit up so much that we could now both see each other very, very clearly.

Before me stood a boy with brown hair and green eyes. He wore darker clothing.

I looked away and my hair covered my face.

Something was wrong. It felt like my face was heating up. Maybe it was just the fire but I didn't feel so well.

I turned over again to look at the guy and he just stared down at me without any emotions.

"Aren't you suppose to kill me?!?" I asked wanting to get on with it.

"Why is your face so red?" He asked getting closer to my face.

I could feel the blood rushing to my checks.

"Its probably just the fire..." I mumbled.

"Uh, the fire is gone.." He mumbled.

I looked around us and noticed that the place was now lit up by fire that was on torches. The fire underneath me was gone and I looked at him in shock. I heard a small crashing noise and noticed he dropped the knife.

"Uh, I don't know why do you care?!" I asked huffing.

He chuckled and pushed his hair back a bit.

"For a white witch your pretty cute.." He mumbled.

I looked at him in shock and he bent closer down to my face.

"I'm sure I could always find another white witch as a sacrifice.." My eyes lit up with hope and I looked away.

I was at a loss for words. Yes, he was a little cute, okay, maybe not a little.

The straps on me were released and I sat up from the altar. The people in the cult looked at us confused and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Of course you can't leave without paying a price." I turned over to look at him and he climbed on top of the altar.

"For exchange of your life, I'd like to still take something from you."

"Which is?" I asked leaning back a bit.

He put both hands on my sides and pushed me further against the altar.

"I'd like to steal your heart."

I could feel my heart beginning to race and I looked over at the side.

"I guess that could be arranged..." I mumbled shyly.

I heard him laugh again and I looked over at him. He gave me a quick kiss on my forehead and my face flushed with colour.

"Sleep my white witch..." He mumbled wrapping his arms around me.

I felt myself slowly drifting off to sleep and before I did I looked over at him. His eyes were slowly shutting as well and as they did a small smile was plastered on his face.

White or black magic

I was pulled to him.

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