hard work

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despite my big blow up at the blake game, it seemed that the only people who hadn't gotten over it were charlie and fulton.

i sat in the locker room, trying to tie my shoes, when russ, danny, julie, and kenny came up to me.

i finished my last lace and looked up at them, "what's up, guys?"

kenny smiled devilishly,"we need your help."

i gave him a confused look, standing up,"with what?"

"we're gonna spray varsity's stuff with liquid nitrogen," julie explained, causing me to smile. it was a genius idea,"but we need you to get in and take it from the science department."

i smiled, placing a hand on my heart,"well, first of all, thank you for thinking of me."

she chuckled,"of course."

"secondly," i started,"how are we supposed to steal a giant metal canister of liquid nitrogen?"

kenny held his hand up,"i have a plan, don't worry."

i pressed my lips together, trying to decide if i wanted to take part in this. i would be really nice to get them back, they had ruined one of my favorite white shirts. it was only fair they we ruin their things.

i nodded,"let's go."

danny smiled triumphantly,"i knew you'd be in."

we stood in the varsity locker room, having successfully stolen the liquid nitrogen from the chem lab.

russ grinned as i sprayed various jerseys and letterman's,"i love this liquid nitrogen."

kenny voiced his concern,"i don't think it works."

i laughed as i finished freezing cole's stuff, "yeah, it's working."

"hey, do you think they'll miss this big old tank in chemistry class?" danny asked us, slapping the metal canister.

i shrugged and stopped at adam's jersey. we hadn't exactly talked since i blew up at him, but i still wasn't sure i wanted to ruin his stuff.

julie turned to the boys,"what about banksie?"

russ shrugged,"he's one of them now, ain't he?"

i stared at his spot, my expression softening,"i guess so."

danny looked at me with concern,"do you want one of to take over, linsk?"

i nodded, glad for the save,"yeah, thanks. i'll write the message."

i handed the hose to kenny, who smirked,"how about full pressure?"

"sorry, cake eater." russ shrugged, watching as we completed the job.

danny turned to me,"i got you."

he let me get onto his shoulders, and i grabbed the shaving cream, shaking it up.

"what are we writing again?" i questioned, offering a suggestion,"'fuck you, you stupid bitches, we hate you and hope you get west nile virus'."

danny laughed,"i like it, but it's a little wordy."

i shrugged, willing to admit when i was wrong, "so what is it, then?"

"varsity sucks ice." he replied, holding onto my knees.

i laughed,"that's good."

i wrote it as big as i could,"kenny thought of it."

i finished writing and hopped off of danny, wiping my hands on my jeans,"perfect."

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